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Posted by chris on January 25, 2000 at 17:54:50:

Lake County Apartment Owners Association
Contact: Paul J. Sprenger
Telephone: (847) 855-5974
When: 3rd Tuesday of the Month 6:30pm
(None in Jul or Aug)
Where: Holiday Inn
Grand Ave, West of I94, Gurnee

Ben Franklin Investment Club
Contact: Grant DeNormandie
Telephone: (773) 731-8010
When: 4th Thursday 7:00pm
Where: Warsaw Inn, McHenry

Freeport Area Landlord Association
Contact: Jilly Whiting
Telephone: (815) 233-4663
When: 4th Monday of each month - 7:00pm
4th Tuesday in May, June & July - 7:00pm
Where: Four Seasons Bowling Alley, Freeport

Chicago Creative Investors Association
Contact: Jane Garvey
Telephone: (630) 858-4663
When: 3rd Sunday of the Month 6:00pm
Where: Hillside Holiday Inn, Chicago-Regional

Illinois Rental Property Owners Association
Contact: Jane Garvey
Telephone: (630) 415-0543
When: Varies (call) 10:00am
Where: Amanda Brookes Apartments, Chicago

Real Estate Investors Association (R.E.I.A.)
Contact: Brad Nelson
Telephone: (618) 463-2337
When: 2nd Thursday of Each Month 7:30pm
Where: Stratford Hotel, Alton

Metro East Landlords Association
Contact: Donn Schaefer
Telephone: (618) 233-8446
When: 1st Monday of the Month 6:30pm
Where: Eagles Lodge @ 940 Calif. St., Collinsville

Sauk Valley Landlord Association
Contact: Gathe Thicksten
Telephone: (815) 626-3519
When: 3rd Thursday of the Month 7:00pm
Where: Sterling Federal Bank
110 E. 4th St., Sterling

looking for chicago contact/information… - Posted by john

Posted by john on January 24, 2000 at 22:50:09:

to discuss the various questions,etc.!
thank you.