Looking for equity share investors... - Posted by McDaniel

Posted by Al Miller on March 09, 1999 at 10:25:55:

Give me a call. 562 439-9993.

Looking for equity share investors… - Posted by McDaniel

Posted by McDaniel on March 08, 1999 at 21:54:26:

Hello, I am looking for someone to help me with the down payment on a new house 1 hour south of silicon valley in CALIFORNIA. The new trac is increasing in price 3 to 6 thousand dollars approximately every 45 days (each time a new phase is completed, consisting of 10 to 12 homes per phase). Silicon Valley is driving the market. Median homes in silicon valley start at about 325K for a 3bed 2bth. Everyone who is native to San Jose, CA like myself, is migrating south for more house at cheeper prices. I have a good job, but it won’t be long before the market is priced out of my range, even an hour’s drive south of the silicon valley. If you head north an hour you run into San Francisco. I live in Santa Clara County now (the silicon valley) and am looking south towards Monterey County. The new trac will take approximately 2.5 years to complete along with new schools and shopping centers. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction? Negotiable terms are: amount of equity shared on new home, interest on loan, amount of time for repayment on loan.
The home is approximately 228k. It is approx. 2300sqft, with 6 bedrooms and 3 full baths, upstairs/downstairs with 3 car garage.
Any advise or help from anyone would be greatly appreciated
A. McDaniel
P.S. This would be an owner occuppied home