looking for first deal...and help. - Posted by Jim K

Posted by Nathan-WA on May 22, 2006 at 14:48:03:

Well, what I keep hearing is, this is a people business, so what you need to be doing is meeting people, especially park managers, and getting the word out about what you do

Personally, I have not yet had much success with befriending PM’s but I am severely not a people person, at least I used to not be (hey, im working on it)

I have had moderate success by going through classifieds and even placing my own in a Little Nickle, but nothing compared to what people are experiencing by going park to park and meeting PM’s

Hope that helps

looking for first deal…and help. - Posted by Jim K

Posted by Jim K on May 22, 2006 at 13:17:01:

Other then driving from park to park looking for a MH to purchase?where do most of you find your deals? If driving around is the best, let me know as well. It just seems that most people, who are in need of cash and willing to sell for below market, do not have access to the internet (Craig?s List) or put adds in papers.

I?m ready to roll and just looking for the best approach to get started.

Thanks and any help would be appreciated?hopefully I?ll be posting a success story soon.