Looking for some advice on a DW - Posted by Rod - Mo

Posted by Bob (OH) on August 05, 2003 at 05:08:38:

Oh boy…Why do people take the electric boxes out…? I have never been able to understand that. Oh well.

Anyway, I think the home is now worth the minimum. Your looking at about…?..under 10k to put it back together. I would make my offer on the land only, get the home for free.
Electric box with connection and inspection…about $500
Furnace w/ A/C install, test, inspection…maybe 3k
Stove gas or electric ? …$400
Garden tub, install, misc material…$400+
Carpet, vinyl, pad, install, drywall…(?), Hows the roof ? , cleaning, misc door(s) trim and cabinet (s) and hardware. Prices area approx. for my area and I’d try to find some used items to cut the price.
Does it have a deed or title ?

Best of luck !

Looking for some advice on a DW - Posted by Rod - Mo

Posted by Rod - Mo on August 04, 2003 at 22:10:30:

I looked at a DW today that is sitting on a lot. The lot goes with the home. It is a 1999 Oakwood 28 X 56, 3BR 2BA. All appliances have been removed. There is no heat/AC. The breaker box has been cut out. The corner garden tub has been removed from the master bath. Any ideas on what the costs to fix this thing up should be would be appreciated. There is other damage, but just the normal stuff I am familiar with.


Re: Looking for some advice on a DW - Posted by Greg Meade

Posted by Greg Meade on August 05, 2003 at 15:52:26:

Looked at a very nice 1999 repo s/w with sheetrock, vinyl, composition roof for 5,500 in April. Conseco had 26k payoff, figured to only bid 4500 cuz of holes in walls and a missing breaker box…called an electrician friend of mine and he came and looked at unit. People had literally snipped all the wires back about six inches and he stated code in FL would not allow a bizillion wire cap splices on line and load lines…bottom line new box w/breakers, all new wiring of 220 v load wires. all new line wires and patching of walls (approx 3200 total). I did not bid and it was picked up by the park for lot rent (760). I almost won’t touch a home with extensive elect. probs…too much $$$$ and time and in FL all has to be done by an electrical contractor.
Good Luck