Loral Langemeier - Posted by Clint Blundon

Posted by Judy on March 21, 2006 at 12:21:31:

I’d love a follow-up from you. What kinds of things are you learning? What are you investing in? Please provide a bit more insight now that you’ve got a few months in the program. Thanks so much!

Loral Langemeier - Posted by Clint Blundon

Posted by Clint Blundon on October 28, 2005 at 13:01:46:

Loral Langemeier is touted as a self-help and real estate investment (other investments too) guru. Anyone out there been through her coaching program or utilized any of her materials? Thanks…!

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by Brian

Posted by Brian on December 26, 2005 at 23:27:12:

Clint - I’m skeptical of Loral. Have you read any of her new book The Millionaire Maker? Here are 2 critics from bn.com

Publishers Weekly
Millionaires don’t get there by working hard for others and saving pennies, insists this high-wire personal finance self-helper. Instead, “master coach” Langemeier urges the nonwealthy to quit their jobs, start businesses, plow money into real estate and other “aggressive, unconventional” investments, construct a maze of tax-minimizing business “Entities” and amass “assets that create more assets.” The result is dramatic makeovers of people like Mike and Mary, a mechanic and laid-off administrative assistant with two kids; Langemeier quickly convinces them to start a dune-buggy company, buy 12 rental properties and a promissory note and turn their family into a financial empire consisting of two limited liability companies, an “S corporation” and “a trust to serve as an umbrella for all of their companies and holdings.” The author calls this taking personal control of one’s finances, but doing so, she emphasizes, requires a vast support staff of lawyers, accountants, realtors, business brokers, “sector analysts” and miscellaneous “field partners.” She provides many case studies of skyrocketing wealth, but never seriously addresses the risks her daredevil financial strategies pose, and relegates the critical details to unexplained balance-sheet entries. Complete with motivational hectoring and an offer of a free phone consultation, Langemeier’s primer feels like an infomercial. (Jan.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
This book is not for the financially faint of heart. The intended audience of potential speculators must be willing to leverage 401Ks and home equity to engage in direct investment opportunities such as small business ventures. Langemeier, a financial coach and strategist, not to mention a multimillionaire, outlines her trademarked step-by-step “Wealth Cycle” process for generating and sustaining wealth in a clear and easy-to-follow format. Income and lazy assets can be turned into assets that produce passive income and sustainable wealth via rental properties, for example; adequate use of graphs and charts explain the theoretical framework behind the author’s approach as well as her “Gap Analysis” model that helps investors chart their own program. A nice cross section of case studies is used to explore a variety of implementations. Readers will grasp basic principles of such matters as entity structuring, depreciation, and direct investing, but the information is very much at the cursory level, with little discussion devoted to risk. Still, this title does provide an alternative view to David Bach’s enormously popular The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan To Live and Finish Rich. Recommended for medium to large public libraries.-Tracy Mohaidheen, Baldwin P.L., Birmingham, MI Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by Todd

Posted by Todd on June 16, 2007 at 14:16:20:

My experience has been awesome from the foundation coach all the way through. The foundation coach was a little slow but vital in many ways. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is serious about getting financial help. One word of advice, donâ??t buy into negativity and allow them to influence you. Learn to navigate your own destiny. I did and Iâ??m now making close to 500k a year because I made a decision to change. Thanks Loral!

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by Ted

Posted by Ted on January 20, 2007 at 12:46:55:

I ordered some introductory materials from LL. They turned out to be a bunch of vague, poor quality videos and audio programs that are motivational, but don’t contain many details. I’m sorry I spent money on it. I feel like I was stung.

I talked to one of their “coaches” for about an hour. The conversation ended abruptly when I said I wasn’t willing to “completely trust without question” whatever the coach told me to do. I think they realized I wasn’t just going to start sending them a bunch of money, and used that as an excuse to get out of having to coach me.

I wish I had just bought a book. The phenomenon is worth knowing about, but find out abot it for cheap. Don’t spend your money here.

I have a test for programs like this: If I could, I would ask them: “If this is such a successful program, why do you spend your time trying to get me to pay you for it? Why not instead spend your time running the program for yourself?” They usually have some altruistic “wanting to help people” statement at that point. If the altruism were real, the program would be free.

LL would do better to let people in for less initial cost and grow an organization, because the real value is in having 1000s of people who are willing to work as accountants, lawyers, business partners, co-investors, and coaches.

Perhaps she doesn’t do that because she knows there isn’t any money on the back end of this. The money comes from motivating uninformed people and then duping them out of a few bucks on the front end.

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by Bonnie

Posted by Bonnie on January 24, 2006 at 07:13:46:

Have not received my copy of the book yet. However, I am enrolled in the coaching program but just getting started. I know one thing for sure already and that is I will learn and grow in knowledge regarding our personal finances, business finances and structuring our financial life which will lead to a greater financial foundation. I have seen Loral in person in Vegas and she is without a doubt a brilliant woman. There are risk in everything we do. Too many people go through life without ever learning to live. There are no totally “safe” havens in life with regard to finances. Everyday people are taking risks working for others…they just are not aware of it!! Will let you know what happens. Thank you.

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by Barry

Posted by Barry on February 10, 2007 at 19:30:58:

I am enrolled in Lorals coaching program. I am just finishing up the foundation coaching which I fould interesting in way of information and organization on the way to controlling finances, but not very motivational. I think that has to do with the fact that this portion of the program is subcontracted out to premiere mentoring in Salt Lake City, while Loral’s organization is located in the SFO Bay area. My coach is a hypnotherapist and I believe she is hypnotized some of the time on the group calls. She’s not Loral. I will be moving on to the accelerated one-on-one coaching in a couple of weeks with one of Loral’s millionaires, how did that go for you?

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by Lisa

Posted by Lisa on January 15, 2007 at 18:42:57:

How was your coaching? We’ve seen negative comments on other websites regarding coaching and just had a negative experience w/a “salesperson.” Please let us know about your experience before we commit.

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by shirley

Posted by shirley on January 07, 2007 at 17:18:13:

Hi, Ronnie:
wondering how is the program helping you? Can you share some details? I am evaluate few programs, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Re: Loral Langemeier - Posted by Diane Wise

Posted by Diane Wise on October 28, 2006 at 23:22:44:

OK, how’s it going? I’ve been considering this investment in my future but not sure if it’s one of those “let’s make this expert richer while we get poorer” schemes. You’ve been in it almost a year. How has it gone? Any regrets? I’d love it if it worked! Thanks…would like input to help me with my decision re: whether or not to pursue.