lost mobile home title - Posted by Misty

Posted by Jack-NY on May 21, 2000 at 22:16:24:

Are you sure that your state has the title program or did they use just a bill of receipt, or sales slip. People sometimes get confused and think a receipt or sales slip is a title, call the local DMV and check to see if they use titles and for how long have they been using titles.

If this was a title and it appears to be missed placed or lost you need to contact your local DMV and find out what paperwork is needed to file for a new title, of course at the sellers expense, no title no deal, you will need to have the title to transfer ownership to your new buyers, plus you need to verify that there are no outstanding liens on the home, don’t just take someones word there are just to many shady people out there. And thats the bottom line.


lost mobile home title - Posted by Misty

Posted by Misty on May 21, 2000 at 20:52:30:

What do you suggest on a mobile home the owners can’t find a title for? What are the procedures to locate it and are they necessary? Thanks!