lot rental approval - Posted by D.Newbie from NC

Posted by Joe C. on March 02, 2001 at 11:08:44:

I am a park owner in AR… I know most of the park owners around me are very reluctant to to allow 3rd party rentals in their park. I inherited some when I bought my park. After 7 years only 2 remain, owned by the same owner. I always hold the owner of the home responsible for the lot rent. I also make it very clear to them that I want to pre-approve tenants before they rent. The problem for park owners is that a bad tenant will drive the good tenants away. Unsightly conditions, loud activities and heavy traffic to a home are just some of the possible reasons that will cause the neighbors to become uncomfortable. If the good tenants feel that an unwanted element is taking over the neighbor, they will move to where they feel safer. As a park owner this is my greatest fear. I’ve lost 5 tenants in eight weeks over this type of situation (not recently). This can be expensive from a park managers perspective. This is why park managers can be so cautious about third party arrangements. Let’s face it, if these things always worked out well any park manager would be delighted to have someone else helping to keep his park full. This is his primary objective.
Joe C.

lot rental approval - Posted by D.Newbie from NC

Posted by D.Newbie from NC on March 01, 2001 at 20:42:35:

(1)Who is usually responsible for lot rent at a mh park when a mh is being rented: the owner of the home or the tenant?
(2)What about this scenario - Say I buy a used (Lonnie Deal)singlewide and move it to a mobile home park where I qualify for a space and agree to pay the specified lot rent. I decide to rent the mobile home rather than sell. If I pay the park manager/owner personally each month for the lot rent out of the money I receive from my tenant for rent, do the tenants have to qualify for lot rent approval by the park? Is this a good business practice? Would a park manager feel more comfortable about letting me rent the space if I rent the singlewide first rather than creating a note for the home? In other words, Could I build a better relationship with the park manager by renting the mh(to build his confidence) than by selling the mh? Or does it make a difference?
Also, will most park managers usually cooperate and agree to let the mh stay on the lot when I decide to sell?

Re: lot rental approval - Posted by Teresa

Posted by Teresa on March 02, 2001 at 17:30:19:

I have 2 mh that I rent out in the same park. All my tenants have to be pre-approved before they can move in and I am responsible for any problems the tenants’ cause. Most of the parks that I’ve contacted around me (only a few) have said they would not allow me to rent to tenants in their parks. The park I am in is a 5 star park and not cheap. Also it’s a 55+ park so they don’t usually have a problem anyway.