lots for MHs - Posted by CH-CA

Posted by CH on May 12, 2000 at 12:27:53:

I don’t have the course, but it seems like a good thing to have. That means I will end up buying it. Thanks for offering to help out. If there is a way that we can “partner” up, I think that it might be beneficial.

Maybe you could let me know a little about yourself, goals, experience, etc. Or we could chat on the phone if you feel comfortable giving out your #.


lots for MHs - Posted by CH-CA

Posted by CH-CA on May 11, 2000 at 17:36:25:

I have an interesting situation. We have contacted a park where the PM has 4 homes that he wants gone. I haven’t seen them yet, but my partner tells me that they aren’t horrible ? and the PM is GIVING THEM AWAY! We have a couple options here. The obvious one is to find lots in other parks. The other option is to set them on our own lot. Palm Springs is teeming with empty lots; they are all over the place there. My concern is figuring out the rules to do this. Maybe all 4 on one lot; maybe each home on an individual lot? It would be great to be in control of the land and the home. Any suggestions?



Re: lots for MHs - Posted by JohnE

Posted by JohnE on May 11, 2000 at 20:19:01:

I live in Palm Springs. You are right, there
is a lot of land available.

I was thinking of during this kind of thing
myself, but I have no experience. I was
thnking of purchasing Lewis Dickson’s course,
which is found on this site. Do you have this

If you need any help with any leg work in P.S.
Let me know, it could be a good learning