M H Dealer Status - Posted by Paul N.J.


Posted by David S on February 23, 1999 at 16:44:47:

log the info, including time, date, contact, etc.

At least you tried, now go to work.

David S


M H Dealer Status - Posted by Paul N.J.

Posted by Paul N.J. on February 23, 1999 at 16:21:40:

Just hung up the phone with New Jersey DMV. I was inquiring about requirements for being a dealer in my state and was dealing with a person who I guess wasn’t having a real good day! I was told by this person anyone buying to sell mobile homes must be licensed and must have a commercial site to display there products. I explained that I planned on buying used mobile homes that were already in a exsisting park and would be reselling with them remaining on the same site. I was told it did not matter that I would still have to have a commercial site to become a dealer. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone dealt with this problem and overcome or got around it? I was also told that at the present time the state was making changes to laws governing mobile homes and where not sending out any information concerning laws regarding MH. Just finished my first deal and was real happy with the outcome and it was better than “good enough”. Working on two more purchases but I don’t want to create problems for myself if I can do it the right way (legally). I’ve been a invester for some time now but I just started on MH and I really like it! Thanks Lonnie and I love your book!
Thanks for any information you can shed on my questions and thanks for this site for all its valuable information.



Re: M H Dealer Status - Posted by Tony(OH)

Posted by Tony(OH) on February 26, 1999 at 03:59:04:

Paul, I am also checking into MH Dealer status in Ohio. I haven’t gotten the “Dealer Packet” with all the requirements in the mail (from the state Commerce Dept.) yet, but I do have an idea of some of the harder requirements (office, x acres to display homes, business hours, etc.). I would like to compare some of the regs. from NJ to OH. Just e-mail me, and we can compare notes.