Mail the PM - Posted by MJK

Posted by Steve W (WA) on February 27, 2002 at 07:52:27:

In my limited experience, the PMs care more about getting the lot rent flow going again, and work toward that, not the perks. Perks do not hurt, but I do not think that a finder’s fee or “dinner-on-me” is the strong motivator.

I would recommend that rather than postcards, make a schedule that you can keep, and go out to ‘touch’ each PM that you may want to deal with. Goes a lot further in forming a relationship than what they may view as “more junk mail.” And remember: “I work for a business that . . .”

Emphasize that you want to work with them to bring in good tenants - they are a teammate in this type of deal, and (usually) appreciate working on this level.

My $.02

Mail the PM - Posted by MJK

Posted by MJK on February 26, 2002 at 23:16:20:

I have a whole list of addresses of parks within the general vicinity of me(within 40 minutes of either of my two rescidencies).Seems like a good idea would be to mail letters or postcards to these park owners or managers stating exactly what I do, emphasising that my goal is to help them out with any situations they or their tenants have.Making it a point that I am trying to ensure their lot rent and bring them good tenants.Also emphasising the fact that I pay a $100 referall fee for any thing they bring to me that I buy. And then emphasising the latter point again and again.
Has anyone had any success with this sort of direct mailing campaign? Also has anyone ever offered the PM another $50 for fast approval of applicants?
Like to hear your thoughts