Mailing lists of public records. - Posted by Thundercrac

Posted by GregNY on February 07, 2002 at 20:24:36:

I hope you’re not sweet talkin’
those ladies out of their social
security checks.

Mailing lists of public records. - Posted by Thundercrac

Posted by Thundercrac on February 07, 2002 at 08:47:58:

I was reading a article in the “How to” section. The author of this article mentioned that he sends out post cards to people in trouble. He gets his target audience through researching public records of people in trouble. Like if they were delinquent in the payment of their property taxes. I was wondering where I would be able to purchase mailing lists of such people in my area? What companies sell these lists? If I called a company in the yellow pages, what proper category would I tell them that I’m interested in? I don’t want to sound like a complete novice, which I am! I work full time, I can’t get to the courthouse. They are only open M-F, closed on weekends. I’m not lazy, I just think buying the lists and sending out postcards saves me precious time. I need my job to pay my bills and to fund low-end marketing for my future RE career. I have to be realistic, I can’t take off work to go to the courthouse. Any words of wisdom anyone? Thanks.

Re: Mailing lists of public records. - Posted by David Finkel

Posted by David Finkel on February 07, 2002 at 11:24:39:

You are right to buy the info and not do your own researc. THis is a much smarter use of your time.

Here are some thoughts on finding an Information Source Provider in your area:

  1. The best way is to network with other investors at the local real estate investors association (for a listing of groups go to
    2.If you don?t have a local group to go visit and ask at, look up in the yellow pages under both ?Information source provider? and ?mailing list provider.?
    3.If that doesn?t work, call up your county recorders office and see if they know of a company that has either online access or CD-ROM access to that information. (While you have them on the phone, ask them about what services they offer online that you should be aware of. Many county offices are moving in the direction of putting all public records up on the web.) You can also see if your local real estate agents have the MLS tied into the county tax records. IF they do, then you can use them as your source for out of town owners.
  2. Ask a KNOWLEDGEABLE real estate agent if the MLS in your area is tied into the county tax records if they are then network with the agent to have them help you get your list together in exchange foryou giving them referrals.
  3. Finally if all else fails try Dataquick ( a nationwide information source provider. Typically Dataquick covers most areas of the United States, but they tend to be a fairly expensive provider, although they generally offer a very high quality service.
    You can mail to out of town owners:
    Out of town owners are found by doing a search of properties located in zip code X but with mailing address to address with zip code Y where that zip code Y is at least 1 hour or more away. (You are making the assumption that the tax bill is being sent to the owner and if the tax bill is not the property address then you are assuming this is a non owner occupied property.)
    Or you can mail to NON-OWNER occuppied propt. owners.
    Or you can mail to people who have Notice of Defaults recently recorded…
    I hope this helps, David Finkel, San Diego

Work in City Hall? What advantages? - Posted by MikeNY

Posted by MikeNY on February 07, 2002 at 15:02:28:

The previous posts made me ask a question I have been thinking about lately. I work in the Finance dept of my local city/municipality. Not what you would think taxes etc, I work more on the fiscal side (budgets etc). Without people becoming suspicious of my question, what info could I get here in City Hall without spooking people.

This is a large city in NYS and we are within in a large county. This leads me to believe the city handles a lot more than it would on the county level.

I think that the assessors office or somewhere could help me target motivated sellers.

I think I may be on to something, but I don’t know how it works. If I introduced myself to people in ‘whatever’ office, would it be acceptable to inquire about this information?? Would be common for someone to be doing this? Is it legal for them to give me this information?

I guess I need to be entirely confident that this is possible. I really don’t want to go in any office and look foolish or be turned away…

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Re: Work in City Hall? What advantages? - Posted by GregNY

Posted by GregNY on February 07, 2002 at 15:07:39:

The information you are seeking is Public Information.
Any citizen has the right to review it.


Re: Work in City Hall? What advantages? - Posted by Jason_NOLA

Posted by Jason_NOLA on February 07, 2002 at 16:19:14:

A good way to soften up the old ladies in the public records dept/clerk of court is to bring candies, a sandwich tray, flowers, etc. Think about it, they are always stuck inside that stuffy old office for 8 hours a day for the last 30 years :wink: and usually have to put up with people complaining so you will be a breath of fresh air bearing bribes, er, I mean gifts. It’s amazing what they can tell you after they become your friend.