Posted by Laure on January 24, 2000 at 19:25:30:

Yes, this is taught by many teachers, and yes it is legitimate. I don’t use that technique, myself, so I use that info to my advantage here in my market
Laure :slight_smile:


Posted by mark on January 22, 2000 at 10:39:08:

I Am starting to re-assess my marketing. I run ads, send postcards, put up flyers and business cards.All with limited results.Maybe I am not going big enough(money wise).I would estimate the costs involved are around $250 month.Should I go bigger.What are others doing/spending each month to do all these deals?Any input is greatly apprecited.

need more data - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on January 22, 2000 at 12:03:09:

Hi Mark,
I am a firm believer in the power of marketing. I also believe that a number of folks who I talk to in the investor world who are concerned with lack of movement in their business can blame poor marketing plans for that.
That being said I think that it is great that you are addressing this concern.
Personally I keep very detailed records etc. to track trends, results etc.
What you have left out in your post though is what your particular business is. Different marketing strategies are going to more effective for different businesses.
I am in the Used Mobile Home Financing business. So my marketing targets current renters, of a particular financial level.
For example, in Lisa Moran’s course, on of her many tips would be to include on letters and what have you the statement “Even if you do not currently have a need for my services, please keep this letter with your important papers for when you do”. I love that, it’s a great idea and I’m sure would be effective for a certain market.
In the my mobile home world though, that would not be as effective. Most of these folks rarely keep important papers together. Their “file” perhaps is the lining of the kitchen junk drawer. Something that would be much more effective for that target group would be a typical Lonnie Card (I buy, Sell and Finance Used Mobile Homes) on a refrigerator magnet. Refrigerator magnets are gold in the mobile home park. If Magnets are sent to all the residents of a mobile home park I guarantee that two months later you can find your advertisement looking 95% of the homeowners in the face every time they open their refrigerator.
Anyhow let us know what your doing.
Good luck
Dirk - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on January 22, 2000 at 11:05:04:

I spend 225/ month in the newspaper and put my web address in the paper with it. I am getting TONS of calls from Tenant Buyers. I haven’t actually tried to find sellers this way yet. I get over 350 hits to my webpage a week, in just the first two weeks I’ve been doing this. Last week I “sold” three houses this way on L/O. they all had 3k in option money…but of course, it’s tax time:-)

Go take a look !
Laure :slight_smile:

Re: Magnet Man Co. - Posted by Lee

Posted by Lee on January 22, 2000 at 23:45:25:

I ordered 2,750 magnets from these people way back, I was/ am very satisfied with them (Thats why I still have their file). I don’t Know if they are still around but…

"Magnet Man"
Highlands Ranch CO 80126

I just tried their phone, the name has changed but the number is still the same.

Good Luck!


PS Let me know how it works out, K?

Re: need more data - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on January 22, 2000 at 15:58:55:

Thanks for responding Dirk.The target market here(NJ) that I’m going after are the “FSBO’s” and preforeclosure properties.I just got word from American Note that I am now an area affiliate, so I see good things coming from that in regards to the “FSBO” market.As far as preforeclosures are concerned I’ll have to take those on a case by case basis.AS I pOst this follow-up it seems to be getting clear that I may have to focus a bit more on doing direct mail to these markets.Thanks again Dirk

Re: need more data - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on January 22, 2000 at 12:34:32:

Hi Dirk-

Sorry to intrude on your conversation with Mark. Can you tell me the source for your custom made refrigerator magnets as well as pricing that would be a good deal for them. I was looking around the web and I am still looking for a custom magnet company that I think would do a decent job.

I think refrigerator magnets would be good for any target group.

-Thanks in advance, Chris

Re: - Posted by d.henderson

Posted by d.henderson on January 22, 2000 at 19:37:51:

Excellent! Great web design! Your ahead of the pack with the web.

Re: - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on January 22, 2000 at 11:44:31:

Hello Laure-

Please let us in on your web site development secrets.

I understand that it is under $70 to claim a URL at Network Solutions among others.

What did you do to set up the pages (I saw your camera shop page also-Good Synergy)? Did you hire someone to do this or is there a web page design software that you recommend?

You gave me a marketing idea for ads. that I think would be good to use:


-Best of Luck, Chris

Office Max has them… - Posted by BRnBA

Posted by BRnBA on January 22, 2000 at 16:16:23:

and probably Staples, Office Depot and other office supply stores that print business cards. Don’t know about prices though.

Re: - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on January 22, 2000 at 15:30:38:

My husband is my web designer. That’s actually how we met 4 years ago ! We now own our own servers and are doing the “virtual tours” for realtos in our area. The first 4 days of our site, we generated over 400 hits ! Still waiting to see stats on the second week. When I get a call, I just tell them to go to the website and if they want a showing to call back. It works amazingly well ! I also have L/O info up on the page, so I don’t keep explaining it over and over again.

I closed 3 deals in my first week. All with good option money down !

If you’re interested in these ideas I’ve been using go to and it talks about what software we use etc.

We are living in exciting times !

Laure :slight_smile:

Re: Office Max has them… - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on January 22, 2000 at 16:34:14:


Too many times the obvious escapes me. I should have thought of “bricks and mortar.” I’ll see what they have (at least those stores have web sites to speed shopping up).

-Thanks for steering me in the right direction, Chris

Your…BEWARE…anit-sandwhich lease option?? - Posted by Emmett-NC

Posted by Emmett-NC on January 23, 2000 at 09:30:15:

In your BEWARE paragraph on your site you warn against people selling houses they don’t own. Well isn’t that the classic sandwhich lease option what a lot of people do on here, and is taught like the gospel? I am just curious. Thanks!