Marketing in a rural subdivision

I have been asked to be the Realtor agent for a 640 acre rural subdivision divided into 20 acre tracts, all rectangular in shape. The topography is south facing and slopes fairly gently from the south to the north giving a nice southern exposure to the valley, open countryside and city (15 miles away). The acreage is surrounded on the east by a mountain range and there are 4 other mountain ranges in the distance.

My question is, back in the reptilian recesses of my aging memory I seem to recollect that the rule of thumb was to market and sell the lower 20 acre lots first and sell subsequent lots (having slightly better elevated views) proceeding up the hillside, for increasingly higher prices.

Does this make sense? Almost all parties looking at lower lots have more interest in the more elevated lots but our goal is, of course to maximize the value of the 640 acre section.

Any input and observations would be appreciated!