Marketing Land - Posted by Kobza

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Marketing Land - Posted by Kobza

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Staging Your Land

The latest fad in home sales is â??staging your homeâ??. This is a fancy way of saying â??getting it ready to sellâ??. It consists of getting rid of all the junk and doing a little decorating to make it look appealing. There are a lot of classes being taught right now, showing Real Estate agents how to make a house seem larger and more marketable by painting an accent wall a certain color or by the strategic placement of an ottoman. I donâ??t know a whole lot about this stuff. It is all alchemy to me, but it must work because everyone is doing it.
What I do know about is staging your land for sale. What I mean by this is doing a few things that can make it sell faster and for a higher price. I am a Thurston County Real Estate Agent. If you would like to read more visit my web site at Thanks Jay Kobza