Marketing - Lonnie Deals - Posted by Michael

Posted by Michael on February 15, 2000 at 08:16:13:

Trying something new here…I have three cooperative parks and I drove through each, noting all the lot numbers. Then I went to KMart and bought a 500 sheet pack of colored card stock. I got to work (and since I am more interested in this than my REAL job…hahahaha) and designed some postcards on my PC…“CASH FOR YOUR MOBILE HOME” and my phone number…three fit on each 8x11 sheet…then I snagged some avery labels from the supply closet and entered the addresses and printed the labels…it didn’t take long b/c I just copied most of the mailing address into each cell then went back and entered the lot numbers at the top of each one. Started mailing them Thursday and finishing today. Total of 300 cards mailed, total cost ($.20 per) is $60 plus card stock. I’ll mail to each address 3 times I think before I judge it’s effectiveness…so $180 total. Seems like it might work well because I put my message in the hands of each potential seller who is precisely where I want to buy…I just need one deal to make it work. No calls as of Tuesday morning.

Anyone tried this with MHs? How did it work? I’ll let you know how I come out…