Marketing questions - Posted by MikeW29316

Posted by Franklin on September 03, 2003 at 21:35:57:

For the “homeowners saying or feeling they were taken advantage of by investors that were helping them out of foreclosure” in Colorado this is a big issue since foreclosures are very odd (nobody buys at foreclosure auctions because you will never own the house) but from what I’ve read, it amounts to people complaining because they were broke, couldn’t pay their bills and nobody ran in to throw money at them.

They are loosing their house and then complaining that when somebody gave them a LO as a way to stay in their house and give them a chance to buy it back they couldn’t get credit to buy. duh.

Marketing questions - Posted by MikeW29316

Posted by MikeW29316 on September 03, 2003 at 21:12:07:

Hello guys,

I have a few marketing questions for the group.

Fisrt of all, I have seen quite a large number of small bandit type signs around my area saying something to the effect of either " Facing Foreclosure? I can help call 555-5555 " or " $$Cash for your home Call 555-5555 ". I want to stand out in my marketing both using signs and using the regular newspaper, and the free ones as well. I want to target any one really :slight_smile: but I am looking for either rehabs or people with problems to solve. Do you guys have any unique and effective ads to attract homeowners? Conversely, what ads do you use that are effective and attention grabbers for when you sell your properties? Again, the ads in my area seem to be very similar. I want to stand out from all of the rest.

Second, is it legal to advertise for investors through the newspaper or other media? I want to get some investors lined up for future projects, but I don not want to break any laws. I have the sneaky feeling this might be illegal. If this is legal, what ads do any of you use?

Third, this is not really a marketing question but I’ll ask anyway. It seems to me that I heard there were some problems not too long ago with homeowners saying or feeling they were taken advantage of by investors that were helping them out of foreclosure with lease options and other techniques. What have you guys done to protect yourselves and your companies and still be able to help these people while making a nice profit? How do you approach these problems and these homeowners? Are there better techniques than others?

Thank you in advance for your help. Thak you for allowing me to drink form this fountain of knowledge.


Re: Marketing questions - Posted by Joon

Posted by Joon on September 04, 2003 at 11:47:42:

As far as marketing for investors, I ran an ad like the following in my newspaper under “Investment Property”:

Attn: Investors/Rehabbers. 3/1 Junker in Chesapeake, $75k comps, asking $39k. Call 123-4567

(The numbers I used in that example are fake - for example purposes only). It’s very legal, I got 6 new contacts to add to my buyers list from just one day’s run.

To find other investors, look in the “Real Estate Wanted” section of the newspaper (mine always has about 20 ads listed), and take down the numbers of all those signs around town. They’re all potential buyers of your good deals. Just be sure to cross-examine them all so you don’t double up phone numbers in the paper and on the signs!

In your quest to be different, you might consider different media for marketing: flyers distributed in certain areas, radio spots, small space ads (direct response ONLY). I recommend you pick up anything by Dan Kennedy to help. Ben Innes-Ker has some good material, too.