Mentoring/coaching revisit... - Posted by David

Posted by david on June 29, 2003 at 09:27:55:

It’s not the least surprising that I espouse mentoring as a way to move forward. It’s not the least bit suprising that I would expect to be compensated for it should I have something of value which helps another. That’s the caveat. It’s likely you’ve parted with your own money for your share of books and courses in your time, too. Little difference, don’t you think?
Perhaps you are right in that I am shameless. Perhaps you are not. As I’ve said before, each has to make his/her own decisions. The beauty of a forum such as this is each has an opinion and a place to have it heard.
Many of the BBS’s have become something of an “underground” source of advertising and I will not be ashamed to utilize them as such until they enact a ban aganst it. In the case of this and others who DO NOT allow it I will not overtly advertise or solicit on them. It clearly states against it in the rules of use. If it can be said that I have openly done so then I apologize to those who may have been offended and I will be mindful of their feelings in the future. I would like to have the administrators of this forum weigh in and tell me if I have broken any of those covenants. They have not done so to date.
I’m curious about you though, Bob? What has happened to you that you so vehemently oppose such activities as coaching or mentoring? I met a fellow recently who has been burned in this and I wonder if you’ve had similar experience?

Mentoring/coaching revisit… - Posted by David

Posted by David on June 28, 2003 at 17:04:52:

If you are intent on mentoring as a way to move forward, there is no geographic restraint on such activity. You are learning knowledge and tools with a mentor - boundaries have no effect on these.
If you are a reader of THIS excellent forum, you probably already know enough to judge if mentoring is for you. With all respect to Mr Starr and the others, who tend to poo-poo the concept, it is your personal decision to make. I’ll wager each of the folks one can find hereabouts have a “mentor” (regardless of what they call it) somewhere in their past.
Finally, whether a mentor makes money at his/her deals or through mentoring - it’s my experience they do BOTH…now thats multi-tasking - they are earning their way. There are highly successful folks who do nothing but mentor. Any one of us can find a course or study program or what have you to buy right here in this Site. I see little difference in that and mentoring. It always strikes me as odd that a person who will do everything possible to get the most from a deal for as little as possible, in order to make the GREATEST profit ( and thus justify their status as “Investor”) would look askance at someone who openly offers their knowledge and time to another as a paid consultant/coach/mentor. Seems a double standard exists.
Because a person offers to mentor doesn’t cheapen their efforts. IMHO they are building a relationship with the mentee on a personal level. It seems their efforts are ENCHANCED by this

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Posted by BobJ on June 28, 2003 at 20:18:44:

Interesting, David, that you should appear touting the wonders of a mentor. Coincidentally, would this have anything to do with your advertising your services as a, gasp, mentor all over the various real estate news groups? Your thinly veiled attempt at gouging money from others is shameful.

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Posted by David on June 29, 2003 at 09:32:25:

by the way, I forgot to thank you Bob for your input. I appreciate your candor and your opinion. It will be well considered at this end.