Mentoring Programs - Posted by Reggie

Posted by Reggie on May 16, 2006 at 10:36:06:

I was recently contacted about getting into a coach/mentoring program for real estate. The program is offered to a few selected indiviuals. The program is for a year and there is a fee. The fee is determined case by case. I want to try this but would like to have some peoples opinion or know if any one has been in a program like this. below is an outline of the program.

Aside from the weekly appointments with your personal coach, you can also expect:

Weekly live conference calls on different real estate topics. The conference calls are a great way to gain additional knowledge and learn from some of the nations top real estate instructors. They will also provide students with the opportunity to consult and learn from other students in a similar situation. The calls are also accessible throughout the week on a recorded line in case you can’t attend the live call.

Access to our real estate resource line. We understand that as a student in our program you may often have quick questions that need quick attention and the resource line is there for that purpose. Throughout the workweek, we allow all of our students to utilize the resource line as a tool to help them in their education.

A complete real estate curriculum manual to assist you in your education. As your coach is teaching you new real estate principles, you will be able to follow along in our manual. The manual will allow you to take notes and recall what topics were discussed in your weekly sessions.

Additional materials as determined by the director of your program. After meeting with your director, he or she will determine what other tools would be helpful in your education. Some of the tools include additional notebooks and CD’s, websites specifically designed for a real estate investor, educational materials, and other valuable real estate materials.

The one-on-one coaching relationship allows the client to suggest to the coach what areas they want to concentrate on and helps the client to fully understand a principle before moving on. Because the client is in control of the direction of the mentoring program, the following real estate topics are only suggestions of what can be covered during the program. These topics can, and probably will be, altered to meet the needs of the client.

Office essentials Using local resources (Agents, lenders, contractors, etc.). Networking Entities
Flipping Contacts and forms Analyzing properties Types of properties
Assigning Foreclosures Pre-Foreclosures Trustee’s sales
Bank foreclosures (REO) Rental Properties Property management Wholesaling
Creative Financing Conventional loans (80/20,'2nd Mortgage) Cashing-Out Cash Partners
HELOC Leveraging Hard Money Rolling equity
Seller financing Government money No money down techniques Refinancing
Discount mortgages Making Offers Offer strategies Exit and protection clauses
Exit Strategies Marketing Lease options Seller financing
Tax Liens and Deeds Back taxes Discount mortgages Rehabbing a Property
Rehabs that add the most value to the property Commercial Real Estate ETC.