message for Jim Rayner on condo conversion - Posted by Jay

Posted by Jim Rayner on September 28, 2003 at 19:05:11:


There are many steps you could take on yourself.

You should go talk with your community planning, zoning, building departments. If you approach them in a thinking out load manner you should find that they will be most helpful in the local requirements that would need to be met to make the project feasable.

You should also have a conversation with a good local real estate broker regarding the feasability of marketing the units once completed.

If you find this research positive and the project seems reasonably feasable then you should start with the architect. Until the project is designed/engineered there is little need to involve lawyers.

If you want to hire a local developer then i would suggest searching public records ie; condominium master deeds which should identify the developers most familar with you local market.

you can find additional resources at

hope this helps


message for Jim Rayner on condo conversion - Posted by Jay

Posted by Jay on September 28, 2003 at 13:46:34:

I am considering the feasibility of converting my 32 room small hotel (large country inn) to a condo hotel or all condos. We are located in Manchester, VT, an active resort area with a hot real estate market. I am looking for someone to advise me on the feasibility of this before I commit funds to lawyers, architects, ect.