Met a very cooperative park manager today. - Posted by John/Indiana

Posted by John/Indiana on March 05, 2001 at 20:46:19:

A family owned park,250+ spaces.We talked over an hour.I have permisiion to wheel & deal as long as they approve the clients first.They ran a credit check on me,can you believe that? I can move some MH’s in if I get their approval first,but only 3 vacancies.It’s okay I’m avoiding the moving stuff at all costs,too much red tape.Maybe in the future.There is a mix of older/newer,they don’t sell any and they are the friendliest people I’ve met yet.Several MH have been for sale for over a year,no bites.Turns out the owners of this park know the owner of the park where my mother has lived for over 30 yrs, 600+ lots and growing.Unfortunatly,I tried getting a foot in the door there,but he sells his own,and has a policy not to allow private enterprisers,only realtors or him,lol.Can’t blame him,but my networking is getting better.In this area there is a huge lack of low money down/will finance.Mostly its bank repo’s or privates who can’t get rid of them.SO here goes nothing.Thanks everyone for your wise advice.John.