MH Dealers License in AZ - Posted by Tim_AZ

Posted by Rodney (AZ) on May 03, 1999 at 23:50:45:

Advice? I got plenty of it! I am considering writing a book on what NOT to do in Phoenix when doing Lonnie deals!
Good to hear from you. Concerning your test ad, if you throw any prospects my way, I will gladly compensate you upon completion of a deal. I currently have 3 for sale. Just a thought…

Stay in touch.


MH Dealers License in AZ - Posted by Tim_AZ

Posted by Tim_AZ on May 01, 1999 at 14:32:28:

I just finished Lonnies “Deals on Wheels” and I am ready to go out and do some Lonnie deals. I’ve called ads, called dealers, and driven through some parks. I have a pretty good idea of what parks I should focus on initially, and the prices are right.

Here is Arizona, you can sell up to 2 MH’s in a 12 month period before you need to get a license. These 2 MHs must be your primary residence. I want to do at least 2 deals before I spend the $500 for a license.

Here’s my question. When I buy a MH, should I let the park manager know that I plan on selling it right away, or tell him I plan on living there. If I’m buying the MH, I probably need to get qualified for the park. But I already own my own home, and my situation may look strange to the park manager.

I’m confused on this. Is there anyone else out there doing Lonnie deals in AZ who know the laws better than me. Once I can do 2 deals, it shouldn’t be a problem spending the $500 for a licence, but I don’t want to do that just yet.

Re: MH Dealers License in AZ - Posted by Rodney Mullins

Posted by Rodney Mullins on May 02, 1999 at 22:39:44:

Me again! After re-reading your original post, I have more to add. Concerning “qualifying” for the park, after being up front about what I do, no park has even asked that I fill out an application. I give them a business card and that seems to suffice. Also, I have not had to do the “first and last months’ rent” thing. And that really helps.

Just thought that I would toss this in.

Call me. You got the number…


P.S. - Have you noticed that the parks around here seem to be way expensive compared to other areas, based on posts on this board?

Re: MH Dealers License in AZ - Posted by Rodney Mullins

Posted by Rodney Mullins on May 02, 1999 at 22:30:33:

Hi, Tim! It was a pleasure meeting you at today’s Phoenix REI club meeting. Good luck to you in your endeavors.

Personally, I suggest total honesty. As the old saw goes, it’s the best policy. Far more than a cliche’, it helps keep you consistent and builds credibility. That will help you succeed in business. I make it a point of meeting with the park managers and telling them specifically what I intend to do. It doesn’t hurt to schmooze a little, and offer “incentives” to them for helping you find deals and/or buyers. One of the best things I did was to make an early Saturday morning appointment with the PMs in a park new to me (on their day off!), and bring donuts with me for them. (Thanks, Dirk!) You would have thought that I had given them the keys to a new Cadillac or something. Needless to say, they are on my side and have proved it many times. A personal meeting with the PM, on a professional level, goes a long ways towards establishing a working relationship. They feel important (which they are!), and you present yourself as an ally and fellow businessperson. Make sure that they know your philosophy is win-win and that you care about the people you come in contact with. Works for me.

One caveat; The park managers are sometimes not the omnipotent powers in the park. The park OWNERS, which more and more often are faceless, call the shots. I learned this the hard way. I’ll tell you more if you are interested. Not to diminish the importance of the PM, who can be a powerful ally, but just to maybe help you avoid a mistake that I have made. Just cuz the PM tells you something doesn’t mean that the OWNER can’t demand otherwise!

Once again, good luck. Maybe we can do something together?


Personally I play it straight with PM’s - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on May 02, 1999 at 09:03:20:

Hi Tim,
Sorry I’m in CA, so I am not fammilar with the Dealer stats in AZ.
However when it comes to PM’s I play it straight. I do not sneak around with them.
In this biz you will find that a good PM is worth his or her wieght in gold.
You will get deals before signs even go in the windows. You will get breaks on space rent, you will buyers qualified quickly and effeintly.
However this doesn’t just happen. You do not hire a good PM, as one might hire a good accountant or such. A PM relationship takes a little grooming, but once it’s there, it can certainly spoil you.
Be sure to “take-care” of them also. It pays off.
From personal exp. I know this. Last thanksgiving my father was out here visiting and I was getting the standard thing which we all seem to get from certain friends and family about how none of this can be done…blah, blah, blah. So being green I went out and took dad with me, on Thanksgiving morning. I looked at a home (in park were I had not dealt in before). Long and the short of it the guy wanted 7k I walked away with purchase contract for 2k for the home, all of his furniture, wood working machinery (in one of the sheds) and a pretty smug smile on my face in regards to my dad.
However, I couldn’t check out the PM as the office was closed on the holiday. Next thing I know I looking at 100 bucks back utilities, and $580.00 Space rent a month. Oh man.
I flipped that home after two months of that, to another investor, who carries a longer note so the payments in this park could work out for someone. He likes pretty parks, and this park was way prettier than any of my “gold” parks.
I only made a couple of k on this deal, where had I not devieated from my plan I would have probably sold this home for 15k or 16k.
So goes to show you,
Good luck and keep us posted on your upcomming successes,

Re: MH Dealers License in AZ - Posted by Tim_AZ

Posted by Tim_AZ on May 03, 1999 at 24:21:39:

Thanks Rodney,

It was good to meet you today. I definitely learned a lot. Thanks for all the advice, too.

I do find the parks around here to be expensive. Lonnie says you can find MH’s 10-20 years old for the $4-$6000 range, but here, the homes are more like 20-30 years old to be in that range. Oh well, there is still opportunity, and we’re determined to find it, right?

After I got home today, I called some people who responded to my “test” ad, and got some info on them to start building my customer base. 4 people today, hopefully more this week. I’ll let you (& everyone on this newsgroup) know how I do when I get my first deal. Good luck to you also!