MH Floor frame weight, out of context / off point - Posted by JBarnes

Posted by Steve-WA on May 14, 2006 at 09:26:01:

you have two conflicting points: rusting in the yard, and a recommendation of galvanized framing.

does not compute.

MH Floor frame weight, out of context / off point - Posted by JBarnes

Posted by JBarnes on May 14, 2006 at 08:23:30:

On an unrelated note, I need a 30-40 foot base for a boat ramp. Driving away from the location yesterday I saw the next door neighbor has a MH floor frame sitting, rusting in the yard…literally.
Since just the day before a friend who works on the oceans had told me a possible solution is a galvanized bridge section, I might be able to use that frame in order to solve multiple site problems.
Just off the top of your heads, does anyone have an intelligent guess as to how much this weighs? I need some form of axle, and I can possibly move this the 100 feet onto the property, and then the straight shot of 1200-1500 to the river.
Just a concrete culvert section under it to alleviate a water crossing problem from a gully, and I think it will hold the base gravel very well at the 6:1 pitch typical of boat ramps.
Probably the most inventive use of a MH frame I have ever heard of, but it seems to be a component that is overly strong, and probably near free. It will certainly survive being undercut in the middle, and hold the concrete, boat, trailer, and truck without much trouble.

Could be just what we need. I will CERTAINLY pic this thing just so I and everyone else can laugh at the trailer park engineering.