MH Insurance - Posted by Lonnie

Posted by PatrickMD on May 03, 2000 at 07:48:52:

Freddy, The federal HUD housing quality standards are in force in all fifty states. Any state that enforces the housing code instead of the fed has “as stringent” codes as HUD, or even “more stringent” codes. It wouldn’t be prudent to assume that because you’re privately financing the sale, the home isn’t within HUD’s jurisdiction. It is. Every state also has a consumer protection branch of the Attorney General’s Office to enforce such codes. You’d have to bring any heavily damaged structure up to those standards before it could be considered habitable. The profitability would be a judgement call on your part after the initial purchase price and the repair costs were added up.

MH Insurance - Posted by Lonnie

Posted by Lonnie on May 02, 2000 at 16:00:13:

There was a question from somebody about insurance, but since I can’t find the post, I’ll just throw this up.

I’ve never had a problem getting insurance on any MH regardless of age. Just had a 1972 home insured. I work with a couple of independent agencies, who can shop around and find the best rates. For the past couple years, it’s been with American Modern Insurance, PO Box 5323, Cincinnati, OH 45201 Ph 800-543-2644.

This is what I do in most cases. I call my agent for a quote, give them all the info on my buyer, they fax a binder to me, I collect the premium from my buyer and have them sign the binder. I fax the binder back, mail the check to my agent and the insurance is in force.

American Modern let’s the buyer pay in quarterly payments if they choose. This is a big help if the buyer ha a problem coming up with a year’s premium at one time.

You might check and see if Foremost Ins is in your area. They’re probably the largest MH insurers, and their rates are very competitive. I used to do most of my business with them, but they pulled out of this area several years ago.

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P.S. Check out for more info on insurance and lot’s of MH stuff.

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Posted by Freddy W in OKLA on May 02, 2000 at 21:34:42:

Insurance plays a big factor in these deals and American Modern is my insurance carrier.

However,I was wondering about the other side of this insurance equation. Where do all the total loss mobile homes go??? I realize that a lot are not fixable, but I have seen some (stumbled onto)that were kitchen fires that smoke damaged the remainder of the house and could be easily fixed. What about flood damaged homes??? Have you ran across any insurance deals in this business???

I think this would be a good market to buy really late model homes at Lonnie prices if I could find out where or who to contact to tap this market.

Thanks, Lonnie, I’m dealing with this at the moment. NT - Posted by Lisa in Oz

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