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Thought I’d posted these before, but couldn’t find them in the archives. Note that this site has altered my bullets to l’s.



Section 860.410 Manufactured Home Community Rules

The manufactured home community owner shall establish and enforce rules governing the resident’s responsibilities for maintaining the manufactured home community. The rules established by the manufactured home community owner shall include the control of pets, the storage of garbage, the disposal of abandoned equipment and appliances, the construction of auxiliary structures and fences, the necessity of keeping all vehicles currently licensed, the policy for performing vehicle repairs, the control of the growth of weeds and grass, the storage of firewood, the control of insects and rodents, the need to provide access under the home, the protection of water pipes from freezing, the repair of the residents’ water and sewage leaks, the maintenance of the electrical equipment, the maintenance of homes and auxiliary structures, the requirement for the resident to provide fire extinguishers in the home as required by Section 9 of the Act, the requirements for compliance with the Smoke Detector Act, and all other rules necessary to maintain the manufactured home community in compliance with the Act and this Part. Provisions shall be included in the manufactured home community rules to inform residents that the park management will correct violations that have not been corrected by the resident.

Rancho del Rey Park Rules

Date: 25 February 2006

General Information:

l All equipment, apparatus and facilities are provided solely for the convenience of our tenants and their guests. Anyone using them does so at their own risk. Management is not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, winds, floods or any act of God, which is beyond its control.
l Management should be notified as far in advance as possible of your intention to vacate your rental lot or dwelling. A thirty-(30) day written notice of intent to vacate must be filed with management. Failure to do so will constitute forfeiture of security deposit.

Health & Safety:

l Flammable liquids and gasoline-powered equipment other than motorized vehicles shall not be stored within five feet of a mobile home, except when stored in a detached shed.
l No air, BB, paintball or pellet guns may be loaded or fired on the premises.
l Tenants are reminded that children are members of this community, & that their safety is paramount. There shall be no fireworks whatsoever on the premises. Gun ownership is not encouraged, & trigger-guards shall be maintained at all times on all guns of any kind.
l No burning of fires whatsoever will be permitted within the community. Note: (1) this does not apply to the proper use of charcoal or gas grills and smokers; (2) outdoor deep-fryers are safety hazards & are not allowed. No wood-burning fireplaces are allowed, & no firewood is to be stored on the property.
l Each dwelling shall have a minimum off one (1) operating smoke alarms per bedroom & one (1) fire extinguisher. These will be provided for each rental dwelling, on move-in or by request, from management. Tenant shall test these devices on a monthly basis, & notify management in a timely manner of any maintenance or replacement needs.
l Each household is encouraged to develop a family emergency plan, including dwelling evacuation & fire safety drills.
l No exits shall be blocked from the exterior, & all locks shall be maintained so that they can readily be operated in an emergency from the inside.
l No liquid-fueled space heaters are allowed, with the exception of sealed oil-filled electric heaters. Electric space heaters with exposed coils are not allowed. All electric space heaters must be directly plugged into wall sockets; absolutely no extension cords may be used for space heaters. Safe practice requires that no space heater be used in an unattended room.


l Each home lot must be kept clean and neat. No storage of bottles, cans, boxes, refrigerators, washers, dryers or other equipment is allowed outside the home or storage building.
l Repairs to tenants? property must be timely. If any home is neglected, management reserves the right to take over its care, without notice, and bill the tenant for the cost of maintenance.
l Although our climate is generally mild, water pipes should be protected from occasional freezing, & tenants are encouraged to weatherize their dwellings to minimize energy usage.
l A inside & 4-sided outside inspection of each residence will be conducted annually. Required tenant repairs/corrections to the home or rental lot will be listed and a reasonable time frame for compliance provided. If any home is neglected, management reserves the right to take over its care, without notice, and bill the tenant for the cost of maintenance.
l Tenant is responsible for maintaining dwelling & yard free from rodents, insects, vermin and other pests to the extent that failure to maintain may affect the fitness for human habitation of any lot or home. If Tenant fails to do this, Agent will contract with licensed pest control company at Tenant?s expense, plus a $35.00 management fee.

Community Conduct:

l Excessive noise, loud parties, excessive volume of radios, stereos, TV?s or musical instruments are not allowed.
l Drunkenness, serving alcohol to minors, boisterous, immoral, or abusive conduct are Zero-Tolerance behaviors, & are cause for immediate eviction.
l Vandalism or defacing of public or private property will be cause for immediate eviction.
l Any tenant who curses at, verbally berates, physically threatens or harms other tenants or community personnel is subject to immediate termination of their lease without further notice or warning. Residents are encouraged to speak kindly to & about their neighbors.
l Illegal activity of any kind, including drug use (yes, this does include marijuana) or sale, will be cause for immediate eviction. Each resident shall be responsible for maintaining a drug-free environment in our community.
l As a courtesy to neighbors, excessive frequency of guests is discouraged; late night guest should be limited.
Tenant Responsibilities:

l Every tenant has the responsibility for helping keep the community clean and neat at all times. Our proximity to wooded areas makes the proper disposal of refuse and garbage extremely important. Plastic trash bags must be secured with ties. Disposal of large items such as household appliances is the responsibility of the tenant.
l Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children and their guests at all times, whether or not the parents are present. In the absence of the parents, children must be under the supervision of a person designated by the parents, who can adequately control the children?s behavior. Adult tenants shall be held responsible for damage caused by their children, pets or guests and will pay for any necessary repairs.
l Tenants shall be held liable for any damage to buildings, grounds, or lease premises if such damage is due to their negligence.
l Non-adult visitors of community tenants must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the community. Minor (under 18) guests are not allowed without express parental permission.
l Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests and visitors at all times. Any violation of these rules and regulations by the guest of a tenant is equivalent to violation of such rules and regulations by the tenant.
l Tenants, family, and guest shall practice safe disposal of all smoking devices. Exterior premises shall remain free of cigarette butts.


For the safety of all residents, any & all trespassers should be reported by calling 911 immediately.


l Unless animal was in residence on or before 19 August 2005, NO PETS, including dogs, birds, cats, reptiles, rodents, arachnids or insects will be allowed on the premises, except properly trained assistance dogs needed by blind, deaf, or disabled persons. Note: NO PETS means that the tenant will not keep any pet on the premise nor babysit anyone else’s pet, nor have pets “come to visit.” Animals brought in without permission will not be allowed to remain.
l Noisy or unruly pets, or those about which justifiable complaints are received will not be allowed to remain. Each resident must control his or her pet so that it is not a nuisance, & each pet resides on the premises by the grace of its neighbors.
l Unless dog is in and appropriate dog run or kennel, it must be leashed at all times. Tenants observing any unleashed dog on the premises are advised to promptly report the animal to Pamlico County Animal Control at 745-3101.
l Tenants shall not encourage stray animals by feeding or petting; this is for the health & safety of all of our residents, especially the children.
l Dogs may not be maintained at any time on a chain, nor may they be left unattended longer than the normal workday. Fresh water must be available at all times, & food at least once a day. This community maintains Zero Tolerance for animal abuse, which includes abandonment during emergencies. Note: Most hurricane shelters do not accept animals, so prior to evacuation or seeking shelter, owners must arrange for the removal & safekeeping of their pets. Animals are not allowed within the mobile homes under any circumstances.
l Bathing pets in bathtubs or sinks is prohibited since the loose hair can contribute to the clogging of septic tanks.
l Dog owners must provide annual proof of current vaccinations, plus proof of obedience training for any dog older than nine (9) months.
l Dog owners must provide annual proof of liability insurance, with a dog-bite rider.
l Dog owners must maintain their grounds free of pet waste on a daily basis, & sealed plastic bags must be used for waste disposal.


l Boats over 12 feet, boat trailers, travel trailers, tent trailers, utility trailers, motor-homes, one-ton and larger chassis mounted campers and detached check-up campers may not be stored on rental lots.
l All vehicles must be licensed. Disabled vehicles and other mechanical devices are not allowed on the premises or on the street. Absolutely no cars on blocks, or other junk vehicles, parts or junk boats shall be allowed, and will be immediately towed at Tenant?s expense without notice. Pamlico County has made available free towing & disposal of junk vehicles.
l Vehicles that have fluid leaks, gas, oil, etc., must be repaired to prevent damage to yard & road surfaces.
l No oil changes, radiator flushes, overhauling or placing of vehicles on blocks or jacks will be permitted. Tenants may perform other work on their own vehicles, as long as such work does not extend past seven (7) days. For reasons of safety and visual impact, hoods are not to be left open unless mechanical work is being performed.
l Unless individual arrangements are made with Management, Tenant shall maintain no more than two (2) vehicles on the property, or one (1) vehicle per licensed driver, whichever is greater.
l Park speed limit is 10 MPH, & extreme caution should be exercised by all drivers.
l Absolutely no off-road vehicles are allowed to operate on the premises. Trespassing off-road vehicles should be reported immediately.


Park rules and regulations are dynamic and are subject to change as needed to increase the health & well-being of community residents. When changed, tenants will be notified in writing. Although a tenant may be notified of a rule violation by management in person, by phone or by letter, any such notice shall be considered a final warning, and if the infraction is not corrected then or if the violation is repeated, the tenant?s rental agreement will be terminated for cause upon thirty (30) days written notice. If the violation endangers any animal or human, the tenant?s rental agreement will be immediately terminated for cause.

Reporting Rules Violations:

Your neighbors will appreciate bringing to their attention any violations of the community rules, rather than reporting minor violations to Management. It is recommended that tenants endeavor to assist one another in complying with community rules and bring infractions to the attention of Management only as a last resort. Generally, violation reports should be in writing, with appropriate documentation. However, if health or safety is a concern, Tenant is requested to immediately report not only to Management, but to the appropriate legal or social service authorities.

The Neighborly Way:

We are a small residential community, & it is important to note that the establishment of rules is only done with the goal of maintaining an environment in which tenants and their children will be comfortable and safe. Only good neighbors can maintain a quality environment for all to share, & we appreciate your continued good will & cooperation.

MH Park Rules - Posted by DavidM

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I am in the early stages of development of a small MH Park. What a huge under taking this has ended up being. Would any MH owners/managers mind sharing there rules for the park. It would be greatly appreciated.