MH Repairs - Posted by KBrown

Posted by Tony-VA on January 10, 2001 at 04:16:40:

This is a judgement call. Certainly we try and limit our expenses by sticking to the “As Is” sales approach. This being said, sometimes you simply have to do the right thing. If these people are good buyers and you feel obligated then by all means go ahead and help them out. It will boost your credibility and improve your collateral. I would make certain to remind the buyers that this is not an obligation on our part and that no further assistance would be provided. We must limit our expenses. I would not wish to start a trend of having my buyers view this transaction like a rental agreement.

One other suggestion. If you go forward with the assistance, control the fixup yourself. You should deal directly with the contractor yourself. Do not provide monies to your buyer directly. In fact, I suggest that you consider having your buyer provide you with the names and phone numbers of the contractors. Collect your buyers 1/2 of the repair bill and then schedule the repair. This way you are certain to control your expenses and have the work completed. Buyers receiving cash from you may not view repairs as such a priority anymore.


MH Repairs - Posted by KBrown

Posted by KBrown on January 09, 2001 at 21:34:12:

I could really use some advice. Here’s the situation. I sold a MH to a couple on 8/17/00. I used the MH Purchase Agreement from Lonnie’s book which indicated that "Unless otherwise noted, Seller(s) warrant that all appliances…to be in good working order at settlement… However when I sold this MH I only knew that one of the toilets wasn’t working and the AC unit wasn’t blowing to full capacity. There was no electricity on at the time of sell so I had no way of knowing about the electrical part of the MH. Now the couple tells me that the heat pump is not working properly. They have recved two bills approx. $300 ea. To some extent I feel a little responsible. So I agreed to pay to have it fixed, not replaced, if the price is reasonable and add it back onto her note. Was this a wise/stupid move? Please HELP!

K Brown

Re: MH Repairs - Posted by Chris Baker

Posted by Chris Baker on February 25, 2001 at 12:20:14:

I know this post is from three weeks ago, I just found this wonderful site. I say go for it… You gain credibility, word of mouth spreads fast. Also, by adding it (the cost of the repair) into the note, you gain the benefit of the interest payments to you over a number of years at your hopefully lucritive rate. Good Luck.

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Posted by Jeffrey-IL-MI on January 10, 2001 at 20:37:41:


I think you should have used the Mobile Home SALES Agreement. It does not make this warranty.