MH repo; how to - Posted by Don (Fl)

Posted by Tony-VA on January 16, 2001 at 04:18:19:

Since you are living in Florida, I highly recommend that you obtain Ernest Tew’s material “Get Rich Helping Others.” Ernest’s course is designed specifically for mobile home investing in Florida(his approach can also be used elsewhere). His system specifically address issues such as reposessing homes in Florida.


MH repo; how to - Posted by Don (Fl)

Posted by Don (Fl) on January 15, 2001 at 21:20:18:

I am new to mobile homes, however I have extensive RE experience both in management and rehab. I have “seen the light” in the Lonnie deals and am getting ready to go full bore into this niche business. I have ordered Lonnie’s two books “Deals on Wheels” and “Make Money in Mobile Homes”.

I am currently putting together a business plan for investors to sell the notes to; offering 30% yield. I already have a verbal commitment from one investor for $40-50K to buy notes from me.

My question is how, when the situation presents itself, do I go about taking possession of a home that payments are delinquent on? In Florida is it like repo’ing a car or foreclosing a mtg on real property?