Michael T. Warren - Posted by Michael Peters

Posted by Johanna on March 29, 2000 at 09:16:18:

He is also featured speaker at several Wright Thurston Millionaire Retreats this year and his own boot camps through Sept/00.

Michael T. Warren - Posted by Michael Peters

Posted by Michael Peters on March 28, 2000 at 12:21:48:

Michael T. Waren-BEWARE!

This is a leter that I sent to another news group.
It may be of some interest. Mike-SD

Last week, I believe it was Friday March 24th, I was contacted by Michael T Warren’s associates who offered to work with me. They said that I had inquired about a judgement course that they were selling. The sale representative statements were long and canned. It was quite apparent, to me, that he was reading from a written guide word for word. During out conversation, as it were, I questioned as to why he was not doing what he was trying to sell. He stated that he was making close to the amount of monies that I could make and that he did not want to have to learn another field of endeavor. The amount of money that he said that I could maybe, somehow, possibly, might make was about $5000.00 a week. He was sure…that I could maybe, somehow, possibly, might do it!
I was then told that if I was serous, that he would have his supervisor call me back in 10 minuets. I in turn informed him that during the wait that I would check Michael T. Warren out on the internet. I did just that. I came to your site as well as papersource.com and creonline.com. What I found was nothing that would EVER make me want to do business with Michael T Warren and friends…knowingly!
Right on time, 10 minutes later, a supervisor, Mr. Brady Walker phones.
I point blank told him what I had found at the various sites.
That Michael T. Warren in my humble opinion was a CROOK!
What I had found was a disgruntled customers and a failure of Michael T. Warren to live up to bargains that HE had made or the people who represented him had made with his knowledge over a prolonged period of time…as he was still in business!
He then said that he would get back with me. He wanted to see the internet sites for himself. Sure enough he phones me back, really very agitated, and states that it is a competitor, Ernie Kessler who owns the site in question. He gives me a phone number of the internet site that he says is on screen, in the contents box to the left, and a phone number to call him back after I’ve check out the site.
I had the internet site on my computer monitor as HE was speaking!
Furthermore I informed him of this and that the site was NOT owned by Ernie Kessler but by J.P.Vaughan ,creonline.com,
It made no difference to Michael T. Warren’s supervisor ,Mr. Brady Walker, he knew what he knew! The phone number that he gave me 1-800-801-6130 was to a voice mail box of some other person. In all fairness to him I did leave a message repeating my phone twice.
I politely asked that he be contacted with my message and to please phone.
I’ve heard nothing…oh well.
I did not misunderstand the phone number because when he gave it to me I repeated it back to him twice just to make sure that I had it right.
Also I tried star 69 but to no avail. He did not want to further engage in this discussion.
I will contact the other news groups…everyone needs to know.
I am medically disabled and have no money or time to waste.
Thank you for being here. Email me if you wish or I’ll phone you if you’d like.

Re: Michael T. Warren - Posted by Jim

Posted by Jim on March 30, 2000 at 11:18:05:

He is a con man and a cheat. We joined his note program and paid a “look at the paperwork” fee and he never sent the paperwork and is unwilling to refund the fee. There are other similar claims on other sites by other investors.
Be very cautious

Re: Michael T. Warren - Posted by hunter

Posted by hunter on March 29, 2000 at 16:01:28:

Anyone have any informaiton on Torcello Limited? Offers a mortgage program where one buys private mortgages at a discount and sells them, quickly making 12 - 15% each transaction. Reported this program has ties to Wesley Bastie of Ocala Florida. Wondering if there is any connection between this program and Warren since Bastie has indirect ties to David Tedder and David Tedder has ties to Michael T. Warren. Also, anyone know of a mortgage program promoted by William Russell Pierce of Winter Springs FL and Brent Duncan of Huntsville AL. Both with ties to David Tedder.
Thank you for any information.