Military and Real Estate Investing????? - Posted by Mike Starkey

Posted by Travis on May 09, 2000 at 16:33:44:

I graduated from USNA and am an Aviation Maint Officer and bought a repo in pensacola. You are lucky you have a background in investing I am new at this game. I am stationed in Washington and am currently on deployment in the gulf. My absentee success has been finding not a good management firm but a great one. I interviewed extensively and found one and I have had great success with that piece of property. I plan on buying a few more places here in washington before I move on and do the same. My opinion is the longer you wait the longer you let someone else make money and you have regrets. It is too easy to say it is too hard but making it work will be rewarding down the long road.

Military and Real Estate Investing??? - Posted by Mike Starkey

Posted by Mike Starkey on May 06, 2000 at 15:32:55:

My wife bought the No Down Payment program by Carlton Sheets before we were married. My parents chosen careers–for most of my life continuing to the present–have been in the field of real estate as investors, brokers, and developers. I invested in a 4-plex while in the Navy as 50/50 partners with my parents. We made good money in appreciation and positive cash flow; however, my parents were their to manage the property themselves. I just graduated college and am scheduled to attend flight school for the Army June 26th. I want to start investing in real estate again, but I’ve been discourage by the prospects of being an absentee landlord. What should I do under the circumstances (e.g., should I take more care to invest in properties 20% under current market value, invest exclusively in single-family (multi-family) homes, or invest only where I have a family of trusted professional back home)?