Minimize risk & holding costs, MAXIMIZE return, sell FAST - Posted by Tyler

Posted by Tyler on April 02, 1999 at 02:15:49:







Do I:

  1. get a hard money loan, do the repairs (minor), get new appraisal, sell on an 70/20 deal with 10% down.

Problems I see here are:

  1. Mucho grande fees and points
  2. Expensive holding costs
  3. Buyer must qualify for bank loan
  1. create a note for 98,000, sell for 78,000 (20%disc) to generate funds to purchase and rehab, and also putting $7,000 in pocket (78-66+5). Then L/O the house for 100k or so, with a nice fat EMoney check in the front. Or sell on contract, and wrap with a small second and a couple extra points.

Problems I see here:

  1. Never created a note before
  2. Not sure if I could sell for 20% disc FAST, to close in 2 weeks


  1. Something I haven’t thought of??

Problems I see here:

  1. I haven’t thought of it yet

Thanks in advance!