Missed opportunity? Inside the bank! - Posted by Blaise Dietz

Posted by Blaise Dietz on June 01, 2000 at 15:13:01:

Dear Sir or Madamm,

I run a Mortgage bank in Livonia Michigan www.creativemtg.com. We use our warehouse line as a parking lot for our loans, we do not service many of them, currently less than five percent. I have friends in sevicing department’s around the country and believe that I may be missing an opportunity to generate extra income for my company. Is there a course out there that might point me in the right direction. Is there someone who would speak to me for a minute over the phone to help throw a few light swithces on in my head about the opportunity that I might be sitting on top of. toll-free 877.542.9600 Cell 248.866.1271

With great appreciation,

Blaise Dietz