MLS and FSBO - Posted by monique

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on June 29, 2003 at 12:32:08:


I and my partner sold our last house that way. In Sacramento the price is about $350 to $500 for the service that you require.

If you advertise the property for sale in the newspaper, you may get solicitations by the discount brokers. We did.

They offered varying services for different prices. Lockboxes, flier boxes, for sale sign and post, forms, etc. It was cheaper to buy the lockbox than to rent it from them. One company gave the forms away as part of the basic service.

You might check in the real estate section of your newspaper for advertisements for a service like this. Although I don’t think that I have seen it advertised there, now that I think about it. You might just call around to some other investors in the area and see if you can can find a discount broker. The “help-u-sell” type people are all way over-priced in my opinion.

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MLS and FSBO - Posted by monique

Posted by monique on June 29, 2003 at 10:27:16:

I am trying to sell a house FSBO in California. I am trying to find an agent who will provide only one service - a listing on the MLS. I do not want an agent providing any other services (I have handles my own showings, negotiations and contracts before). What would be an approximate flat fee for such a service. All feedback appreciated. It will help me if you provide a sentence about your knowledge of MLS or flat fee realtor services. I understand these things are negotiable.

Re: MLS and FSBO - Posted by Tray Giddens, Houston

Posted by Tray Giddens, Houston on June 30, 2003 at 13:12:00:

Monique…i’m coming from the Realtor side of this discussion. i say find yourself a full service realtor and negotiate the fee he will charge you… here is the main reason. As a realtor, i want to deal with other realtors and not with the other principal. it’s a matter of liability… say you list it with “list-it and forget-it realty” and i’m looking for some homes to show some buyers i have… well, unless these people absolutley want to see your house, i’m not likely to bother showing them your house. i know the contracts backward and forward, i’ve got knowledge on how to legally find the “out’s” in the contract for my buyer that you aren’t even going to think of. if my buyers find a different house they like, i’m getting them their earnest money back every time and 45 days later your holding the bag. you come back later to the state licensing board and claim i took advantage of you.i then have to spend money defending myself from your claim…

look at it like this . you take your car to a mechanic and he says he’ll get it fixed for 100 bucks up front, however, he then tells you that he doesn’t really give a crap about fixing your car, he will do no work to it and some other unnamed mechanic will fix your car at a later date… 60 days later your car is still not fixed and you are upset, what are you gonna do? fire him !!! HAH, he’s got your money already, you paid him 10% of the market price to fix your car up front with the knowledge the he had no intention of fixing it. his motivation is to get $100 per crack…NOT FIX YOUR CAR!!!

also, the reason i generally file 13 the limited service listings is because i will have to do twice the work for half the money… screw that…(no offense)

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