mobile help - Posted by Lawrence

Posted by Lonnie on April 28, 2000 at 08:25:40:

The first part should be a “fact finding mission”. What’s the park and the park manager like, will the PM work with you, can the home stay on the lot, why is seller selling, motivation of seller, condition of home, what can you sell this home for, does seller hold clear title and etc.

While waiting for the books, check out the parks in your area, and talk with the managers so you can get a feel as to what they’re like. You don’t need to explain your whole plan of operation at this time. Just try to get a feel as to what keeps the PM comfortable and feed him bits of info at a time. Kind of like feeding a new baby, if you feed him too much at one time, you’ll choke him. Ask of questions and let them do the talking.

And, as always, before you know what to pay for the home, you have to know what you can sell it for. Study your market and make comparisons on similar homes.

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mobile help - Posted by Lawrence

Posted by Lawrence on April 28, 2000 at 24:17:11:

Quick help please,

I know what to do with SFH, but my investor add has been getting some MH response, which I have know experience with.
I’m ordering some books from this site but I would like to get involved while I’m waiting.
Heres the rundown:
Classic don’t wanter calls, says; " I’ll take whatever I can get"
He is selling a 3bed 2bath 12X60,1971 kingston, with 10X10 addon
clear title
descent shape
$468 lot rent
what do I do step by step
Thanks for the help, I hope those books get here soon.