Mobile Home Park No On-Site Manager! - Posted by Jack-NY

Posted by Jack-NY on March 27, 2000 at 09:53:38:

We have a local park near by that has 13 vacant lots and no on site managers. I spoke to a tenant that has been in the park for 15 years he stated that the lack of managment is a problem. Owners will let just about anyone in the park to fill space. Park does need work, rents are $180 per month no garbage pick-up. There is three brothers who own the park and they live about 20 miles away. They have other parks which are their main concern as of now. I phoned the owner and asked if they were interested in me managing the park because I now have a park 1 mile away. I could improve there park for them. However they were no interested right now, they have plans to work this park maybe this summer, we have heard this before. Also tenants have been calling me wanting to know if we have any spaces available because they dont like the park they are in now. My question is what would be the correct approach to work this park with out causing problems with the owners. I would have 13 lots to try to fill with pre owned homes.