Mobile Home Postcards...a better way - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on February 16, 2000 at 24:16:47:

Hello everyone,
I have done the mobile home postcard route several times, and it has been successful. However a much more cost efficient solution is simply printing out flyers (much cheaper than post cards I have found). I then get the park manager to locate a couple of dependable kids (not someone who is going to flyer the inside of a local dumpster) who would like to make 10 bucks a piece for about an hours work.
I have found that in the 12 year old range this works very well.
Most parks have a clip attached to the fence surrounding the mobile lot or the mobile home itself. This is where the parks send out announcements (such as home owner meetings, space rent bills etc.) The kids simply put my flyer (with I like to fold in half so folks actually have to unfold it to see what this announcement says) in the clips.
DO NOT have them put the flyers in the postboxes, because that can get you into hot water.
And again have the manager locate the kids. The PM’s know who the dependable kids are and who isn’t and in doing so, they know what you are doing, so your not doing anything on the sly.
Anyhow say you have a 300 pad park you are targeting. Well at .02 cents a copy (that’s $6.00 bucks) plus the labor fee (remember that’s $20 bucks) your into an effective flyer campaign for $26.00.
Like I said this has worked for me, so I hope it helps,