Mobile Home Realtor - Posted by Brigid

Posted by David Eppley (TX)DAV on May 01, 2006 at 23:04:52:

Hi Brigid, You did’t say which State you are in, but in Texas, in Real Estate, if it isn’t written, it doesn’t exist. So if you don’t have a written contract, you have nothing. Tell the Realtor that you want them to bring you a written contract or keep on trying to sell. However, when a home is listed it may or may not actually get advertised. You list with a Real estate agent to get their expertise, and I would hope that you at least get it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). I hope this helps, but you need a response from someone in your state that knows the RE law. David.

Mobile Home Realtor - Posted by Brigid

Posted by Brigid on May 01, 2006 at 18:46:50:

I have an old 1973 singlewide 3 bedroom trailer. I am trying to sell it and we put it up on the market April 1st. The realtor called a week after and stated a whole saler was willing to buy it. We put it on the market (which I have not seen it on the market at all personally) for $25,000. The manufacturer told the realtor he would offer $15,000 for it. We accepted the offer. After a week of not getting any paper work for the offer, we were told the manufacturer wanted a walk through. So we got the trailer ready for the walk through. The price changed to 13,500 - however, we’re still waiting for some kind of paper work. We’re supposed to be scheduled for a closing on May 31st. We would prefer not to move to another before selling the mobile home.

I am upset because the mobile home is no longer “on the market” (which like I said, never seemed to get on the market never have seen one ad on it ever!) and we still don’t have a contract. The realtor said that the buyer thought our lot was a bigger than he thought so he’s taking his time although the realtor has said, he’s still “very interested”.

Now, I am wondering if they are in kahoots. First, he’s wanting 10% of our sale. What I’m worried about is this. I am worried the realtor is not selling in our best interest. If we get worried and keep bringing down the price, even though he would only get 10% of our deal - what’s to say he won’t get 10% of the sale of the NEW mobile home the manufacturer would put in it’s place?

What can I do? What are my rights? Should we just forget this guy and get it back on the market fast? We’re scheduled to be out of the state by June 1st. I’m getting very nervous we’ll be out of state paying a mortgage plus the lot rent on a home we’ll never see any money from.


Take the money and run… - Posted by Jered(WA)

Posted by Jered(WA) on May 02, 2006 at 24:57:27:

I don’t know about your market, but where I live (WA), if I can get $13500 for a 1973 trailer, I would sell two of them.

Take the money and run. I’ll bet the chances of another cash buyer coming by with this offer is slim.

My $0.02