mobile home recertified as modular?

I Have a double wide manufactured home that is 18 years old on 18 acres of land. When talking to the owner( my godmother) she has always over the years said that it was a modular home with several upgrades added in when built. It looks great with a add-on room and walk in shower in the mast bath installed in the last 6 years. The land and the many buildings and add-ons that have been done on the land is worth the purchase price if the appraisers would count it all and her son is owner financing it so I am not worried about over paying on value. I do not plan on selling for many years if ever.
My thing is that its sad that the house is so under appreciated. I have found out that if there is a metal beam running from one end to the other to support the home that it is a mobile home and was pulled by a truck and if it is missing the beam that it was transported on a trailer and lifted into position that it is a modular home.
I have checked and there is no metal beam and from what have been told it was transported on a trailer. From what I have read in the process of of paper work and building you pay several thousand dollars to list it as a modular home with the inspections to qualify or don’t pay and it is listed as a mobile home.
I would guess that her husband thought he would never sell and decided to save that money. Is there a way to get it inspected and re certified as a modular home?

How to varies state to state

Several people you might chat with to see what your laws are and process is in your state.

Any experienced residential home inspector in your area should be able to tell you the state’s process, also the county dept that handles MH sales & registration.

It’s not hard to find and read your state’s statutes on MH sale, w&w/o land and these laws are generally readable and comprehensible to a literate lay person

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