Mobile Home refinancing in NJ (Singlewide w/ Addition) - Posted by Albie Delgado, Crown Mortgage (Broker)

Posted by Lonnie on May 10, 2000 at 16:38:57:

Don’t know how current these names and numbers are now, but you should be able to reach somebody that can point you to the right people.

Good luck,


MH Financing Companies
Greentree Financial Services (Now Conseco)
Bud Simpson, Direct Marketing Rep
1615 Old Bridge Rd
Woodridge, VA 22192-2403
Ph 800-790-3247
Conrad Tinman
PO Box 15170
Knoxville, TN 37901
423-970-7200 ext 2196
Security Pacific Housing Services
Penney & Charles Waitley
GE Capital
PO Box 4221
10777 Westheimer, Suite 111
Houston, TX 77042
Fax 713-964-4119 Send copy of biz lic etc
CIT Corp
Chip Adams/800-621-1433 x 1537 405-943-3528
Gary Thomas/Jason Gilbert
Bergen Acceptance
2945 NE 3rd street
Ocala, FL 34470
National Wholesalers
Mel Allen
800-237-1605 Fax 513-677-1605
Oakwood Acceptance
Ron Hicks & Selin
2225 South Holden Rd
Greensboro, NC 27407
800-322-5224 ext 2384
Oxford Financial
PO Box 26370
Phila, Pa 19141
Chemical Financial Services
Gail Hatcher
250 West Huron
Cleveland, OH 44113-1451
Ph 404-395-1990 Fax 216-479-2564
NAL Acceptance
Rob Green
800-765-3232 800-381-3232
Homestead Acceptance
Kim Nichols
800-277-0101 Fax 800-763-0191
First Professional Services
First Financial Bank
PO Box 11848
Albuquerque, NM 87192
Contact Person: Bonnie
Ph 800-4-746-3995 Fax 800-748-3364

Mobile Home refinancing in NJ (Singlewide w/ Addition) - Posted by Albie Delgado, Crown Mortgage (Broker)

Posted by Albie Delgado, Crown Mortgage (Broker) on May 10, 2000 at 13:37:28:

Please help. I have a client that is looking to refinance
her mobile home, which is a SingleWide w/ an addition. She
has a Mtg on it for $13,000 (0 x 30) and its valued at $46K.

I need to get 80% LTV on this. She has been at her job 20
yrs and is full doc and A- credit. Please contact me via
e-mail or call (215) 891-0474 ASAP. We are paying off 1st
mtg and credit cards.

I am a Mortgage Broker for NJ & PA and need an investor to
do this loan. Thank you.