mobile home sale - Posted by Pat Jones

Posted by Dr B (OH) on August 27, 2003 at 20:18:21:

Once you give them the keys its the devil to get them out if they don’t pay up. I would have them give me the $500 and sign a note for the balance at a relatively high monthly payment just as if they were going to finance it. THat is, if their credit and criminal Hx check out ok. When they get the cash they can pay off your note. If they don’t get the cash, they can pay the monthly. Hold the title until you know which way its going.

My 2 cts.
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mobile home sale - Posted by Pat Jones

Posted by Pat Jones on August 27, 2003 at 10:19:20:

I am selling a mobile home and need some kind of short term contract. They want to put $500.00 down and move in within the week. They will pay the remaining balance when they receive their retirement fund in approximately 3 weeks. I feel I need some kind of written guarantee that they will not back out on the deal. They said I could see the application for the retirement fund and they will sign a paper saying they will purchase the mobile home. I would just say no, but I need to sell this asap as I cannot afford the lot and utility payments. It has been on the market for several months.