Mobile home Valuation? - Posted by Bill Taylor

Posted by ScottS(NC) on March 14, 2002 at 19:36:53:


We look for motivated sellers not homes. I don’t even waste my time with anything newer than a 1990. These homes are just like a new car for the first part of there life there value is dropping faster than the home is paying off. What this means is from 1990 on down you will find homes that the owner has paid off or (almost paid off). Then something happens and they want to sell quick(motivated seller), you come along and give them a cash offer. They accept and now you can retrieve your profit which was created when you bought this home, not hoping for appreciation or sweat equity. Bill if you don’t have Lonnies book Deals on Wheels GET IT ASAP! I think its the best $30 course I ever took. Its available at this web site under books and courses. Education pay now $30 or pay later (school of hard knocks) spend $30 learn from his mistakes Take Care ScottS(NC)

Mobile home Valuation? - Posted by Bill Taylor

Posted by Bill Taylor on March 14, 2002 at 18:38:51:

As I go out and look at these homes I look at old and newer homes. I looked at a couple of 1995 homes and a couple of 2000’s today. How do you value them. I have heard it told here that blue book is not htat accurate. These are some very nice homes and they look to be very good homes. I want to buy as many homes as I can this year and build up the retirement accounts but want to make sound deals. Any advice.