Mobile Homes...Amazing - Posted by Darin

Posted by Tony-VA on March 06, 2000 at 15:51:45:

Good work. Most times we are only going to pay what would seem to be a shockingly low price to most people selling their mobile homes. The shock does wear off after reality begins to set in that this home is going to begin to pull money out of their pocket through lot rents etc. Motivation creeps in and reality takes a turn. Reality becomes getting rid of this alligator. Once the motivated seller reaches that point, we generally have an easy sale. Once they reach this point, we must also be careful. As Lonnie says, “you can’t steal in slow motion”. If they say our number, we sign paperwork then and there.

Good job on this deal. Hope you got the paperwork signed to ensure they don’t change their minds after talking to some friends who will try and convince them they are giving away a gold mine.


Mobile Homes…Amazing - Posted by Darin

Posted by Darin on March 06, 2000 at 11:18:17:

So I thought I would give mobile homes a shot. I went thru some parks and talked to few managers and one told me about and estate sale and wanted $3k for it. I met the seller at the trailer and did exactly what Lonnie talks about in his book (bird doggig). In my case, I was alone and at every stop, I would say (OOOHHH NO! I dont know what I will do about that). Enough to scare her I think. Any way I left saying sorry, but the best I will do is $500.00 and if you want, you can sign it over to me and I will get it off your hands. I think I insulted her because she almost pushed me out the door and said she will pay lot rent until she gets her price, So anyway, she called this morning and said she would take $500.00 cash. Just goes to show, those who ask will recive.

I plan on flipping it for 3k with $500-1000 down by the end of the week.

Just thought I would share with you.