Mobile Homes in Indiana - Posted by Bryan

Posted by Rick on April 28, 2000 at 10:12:15:


I think South Bend is a good area to work in-sounds like you live around there. Go to and click on yellow pages. Do a “distance search” from where you live, and enter “mobile home parks” for the business category. Then you’ll know the parks near you.

If you ever need any info on Indiana-specific items like how to pay tax, or change title, or any other advice (not legally guaranteed of course), then email me and I’ll tell you what I’ve learned doing deals in NW Indiana (Gary, Partage, Michigan City)


PS Don’t even dream of jumping in without reading Lonnie Scruggs “Deals on Wheels”! Only costs $30.

Mobile Homes in Indiana - Posted by Bryan

Posted by Bryan on April 27, 2000 at 18:58:28:

I am new to REI. I live in Indiana and I am really attracted to Mobile Home Lots. I think these look like a great deal. I need advice on how to get started and, more important, what to avoid. I am interested in an leads on lots in Indiana and any REI Groups around. I live about an hour north of Indianapolis. I am very dedicated to this idea and I am trying to learn from the advice of others compared to the depth of my wallet, i.e. lack of experience. If you can help, I’d appreciate it.