MOM hotel reservations - Posted by Rick Lee

Posted by Larry on July 17, 2007 at 05:52:38:

I see all the info about MOM except the dates. Can someone please tell me the dates of MOM. Thanks

MOM hotel reservations - Posted by Rick Lee

Posted by Rick Lee on July 12, 2007 at 17:39:11:

My wife made reservations for the upcomimg MOM at Troy, Al. last week, the computers were acting up & the lady asked her to call back this week to check & make sure.

She did get ahold of them today & get the reservation straightened out. The clerk told her that there were only 3 rooms reserved, so if you have a reservation made, you may want to double check on it.

Just a heads up.


Re: MOM hotel reservations - Posted by Jeff_AL

Posted by Jeff_AL on July 16, 2007 at 13:01:01:

What are the dates of this event? I would like to come if I can schedule.

Re: MOM hotel reservations - Posted by Buffalo Bob

Posted by Buffalo Bob on July 13, 2007 at 02:53:42:

Which motel that you make reservations and how much?

dates? - Posted by CR Smith

Posted by CR Smith on July 16, 2007 at 18:07:58:

I’m also interested in the dates - everything but that is mentioned.


Re: MOM hotel reservations - Posted by Rick Lee

Posted by Rick Lee on July 13, 2007 at 03:48:41:

It was the Holiday Inn, Greg Meade has posted the contact info, here it is;

Author: Greg Meade (—
Date: 06-30-07 04:48

Gonna try something a little different this year for the Meeting Of the Minds meet this year. We are going to travel a bit out of our usual stomping grounds and go north to Troy Alabama.

Jim and Ellen Brenn bought a very nice turnaround Park last year and if you read the blogs you know they have been kickin’ butt and taking names to get rid of bad apples and turn the Park around. They have graciously agreed to co-host the event this year. The format will be similiar to years past.

Friday will tour their park, Friday network and eat etc., and Saturday have our meet. We will see some new faces, but the folks I have included to speak so far are.

  1. Jim and Ellen Brenn (co host and personal friends)
  2. Dave and Betty Jackson (Park Owners and personal friends)
  3. Fred Balke (Park owner and personal friend)

I am trying to get a finace person, A real estate Broker that specs in MHP’s, a single mother purchsasing SS units (maybe a little to much info? LOL)and a hard money lender here also. want to speak? Call me. i am giving a lot of the regulars a day off…I want them to come and just have fun. I went to MHM this SApring and it was soooooo nice to kick back and network.

Ellen sent me the following:

Holiday Inn will charge $76.99/room per night
Every 25 rooms booked will give us one free room.
They will give us a free meeting room.
Breakfast is served 6-9:30 daily
Dinner is served 5-9 daily
They will serve lunch on Saturday for us.
Their telephone number is (334) 566-1150
They want a signed contract, and will block off rooms. I estimated 100? They want a credit card to hold the rooms.
Holiday Inn Express is next door and they can handle overflow.

I blocked out 50 rooms today. If you only need a room for Friday night (or Thursday and Friday, etc.) the rate still applies. I f these sell out I will grab another 50 rooms. It is critical to get the rooms now. mention MOM meet and discount applies.

These are cheap rooms…the same room here in FL is 109. There will be some free rooms and I have private investors that are happy to help with cost of food, gas, etc. please email me or call me if you need help getting to the meet…most of us have needed a hand at some point in our lives… there is no shame in that , there is shame in forgetting this fact.

These meets are for the newbie…they are also excellent vehicles for finding funding and networking with folks actually doing deals.

I host these to give back what has been so gladly given to me. The cost of the event is free. Pay for rooms anfd food is the cost of the event.

Greg Meade