Money Returned and My Apology - Posted by John Chiappetta

Posted by Jose on April 03, 2000 at 18:45:49:

Hey Scottie:

Let us all know how your next walk on water expedition works out. Give the guy a break, he had every right to be mad.

Money Returned and My Apology - Posted by John Chiappetta

Posted by John Chiappetta on April 03, 2000 at 15:21:39:

First I apologize to everyone for sounding frantic and crazy, but that’s the point I was driven to.

Thanks to the internet and public forums such as this my dilemna has been resolved. I received a call a short while ago by SDL LeGrand Publishing telling me that my credit card has been credited for the system I sent back and the extra one I was accidentially sent.

Again, it’s not about the money or to defame anyone. It’s about good honest business practices, period the end.

I don’t know Mr. LeGrand from Adam and I’m sure he’s a great guy. But his staff and operations dropped the ball big time, though they were cordial, they were ineffective.

I was not miffed that the $50 “course” was what it was - that never bothered me for one second. I’m in the marketing business I know the ropes. What did get me riled up was the fact that I was calling and calling and calling again and getting nowhere. I hate being told the proverbial check is in the mail - that’s very bad business.

Let me ask those who offered to send me $50…How would you like to be told by your tenants, oh yeah I’ll pay you next week, and next week never comes? Well that same principal applies on both sides of the paytoll.

Good luck to all in your real estate endeavors.

“Point you were driven to”… I don’t think so - Posted by Scott

Posted by Scott on April 03, 2000 at 18:24:06:

You state you were driven to the point of being frantic and crazy.

The FACTS are you chose to act in that regard. Always attempt in the future to handle problem or obstacles in a more professional manner.

I have several thousand dollars of Legrand’s materials and I really have made a lot of money with them and I think they definitely the BEST!!!

You may have thought Legrand invented “Upselling” however, that is a VERY OLD technique used in Direct Marketing by all the masters. He or no one else “ripped” you off by selling you a cheap product then offering you the High-end item… I ALWAYS order the the High-end items first because I want the best.

Please next time act accordingly and remember you are driven by anyone… you CHOOSE how you act.