Mortgage Company Has Me Over A Barrel! - Posted by Marsha

Posted by Angel Gutierrez on September 17, 2003 at 15:07:46:

Don’t worry, they don’t have you over a barrel.
From the start, you should have asked for a “loan modification”,
not a forebearance. You can still request this now. They’ll ask you
for a laundry list of info. Get their list and go down the row and
submit it. If the moron that answers the phone has no idea of
what you’re talking about, move on to the next level. Usually the
dept. that handles this type of transaction is called “mortgage
assistance center” or something to the effect. Don’t give up…it’s
not the end of the world. They don’t want a foreclosure either.
I do this every time I buy “subject to” from someone behind on
Hope this helps.

Angel Gutierrez
Dallas, Tx.

Mortgage Company Has Me Over A Barrel! - Posted by Marsha

Posted by Marsha on September 09, 2003 at 18:46:01:

I have my personal family dwelling that has been on a forberance program for 18 months. During this time, the payments have been current and on time. This company required me to list the property for sale and is reporting it as forclosure in process. They originally offered the forberance to allow me time to refinance. Now, I’m finding I can’t refinance because of listing it to begin with and because of the forclosure notification on my credit. My life has changed completely during this time period and I want to keep my home. Can anyone tell me what I’m overlooking here?
When I read these kind of posts, I’m always curious as to what caused a person to get so seriously behind so I will share that for those like me. Both of my parents were diagnosed with terminal cancer within 6 months of each other and I mortgaged my home to stay home and take care of them. I’m happy to answer any other questions that anyone who thinks they can help me would care to ask.
Thanks for taking the time to read.