MORTGAGE MAGIC UPDATE - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on January 22, 1999 at 17:33:31:

For those who have purchased the book “Mortgage Magic” (a part of The Paper Game Trilogy), I have recently revised it and you should be receiving a new copy by mail.

I revised and expanded the book (by almost double) so much that I wanted all those who had a recent copy to get the update. Some important sections have been added. If your table of contents doesn’t look like this (see below) then you will receive the update automatically - no charge. Keep an eye out for it and let me know if there are any copies not received (within about 5-10 days).


TOPIC Page #

Buying Paper 1

Lowering Your House Payments 8

Taking The Worry Out Of Balloons 13

Discount Real Estate You Already Own 18

Three Steps To Wealth 22

The Profits of Paper 26

Up Your Yield With Discounted Paper 34

Over 40% Return Through Real Estate Paper 40

From Wraps To Riches 48

Full Funding Options 53

The Private Funding Substitution 55

A "Loanlord’s Lament 58

The Ugly Duckling 63

The Best things in life are FREE 67

Short Mortgages with Long Penalties 71

Paper Funding Pitfalls 74

Cashing in on Continuing Education 76

Discounted Paper VS. Hard Money Loans 80

Paper - Your Most Valuable Tool 85

Be the Paper Pro 90

Leveragectomies and other LTV Solutions 92