Motivated in KS

Hello, everyone! I found this site during a 10 week stay in several hospitals. When the event happened I thought was a goner, but I survived and I have realized that I want to determine when I work, what I make, and take a vacation to places I want to go rather than settling for another weekend trip to a city I have been to dozen times.
I am reading Deals on wheels and making money on MH’s right now and have read a ton of info on this site! One of my long time friends and I have often talked about doing this for ourselves, now we are going to do it. He has worked for his Dad revamping MH for the last ten years so he knows the business.
I am certain I will have lots of questions and be seeking advice once I finish the books and begin implementing the plan. Thanks in advance!


Congrats on your interest in this business. I hope it works out well for you. We are here to answer your questions.


Welcome Douglas.

Having an experienced friend should really help you get started. Just make sure you plan for an eventual breakup. Stuff happens including accidents. If both of you are left unable to communicate or similar, make the business agreement something a judge or someone else could understand. Once that is locked down, dive in and post questions when you have them.

Thank you for the replies and the tips!