Moving to the Dallas, TX area ?? (need help) - Posted by Lee (Okc)

Posted by Julie_TX on March 26, 2002 at 15:58:13:

Just wanted to say Hi - I’m completely new to REI myself and moved to Dallas about 3 years ago (I’m an East Coast girl). Dallas is SO big that it can really be hard figuring out where to settle, let alone figuring out the investment market! That’s what I’m trying to do as well.

Send me some email if you like (that goes for everyone on this board, really!) and we can chat more about your specific situation, the neighborhoods around here, etc. I don’t know a whole bunch, but I love to talk! :slight_smile:


Moving to the Dallas, TX area ?? (need help) - Posted by Lee (Okc)

Posted by Lee (Okc) on March 26, 2002 at 10:43:52:

It looks as though I will be moving to the Dallas, Tx area (my wife is getting a job transfer). I am very new to REI, I have completed my first rehab deal and now in the process of my second. My question is what is the best way to get comfortable with a new city? I am from Oklahoma City and I have lived here my entire life. I know Okc very well, now I am having mixed feelings about moving. Not only because it is an unfamilar territory but also the size of the city and where to start. I do have confidence in myself, I would just like to hear from others out there that have had similar moves…Thanks for sharing knowledge and advice.

Lee (Okc soon to be Dallas)

Were you that guy - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on March 26, 2002 at 21:55:11:

I had someone stop by one of my rehabs this after noon. He just moved into town and was looking for a place to rent. I told him no. He says how about a $1000 down and $700/mo, I have my own carpet and appliances. I said how about 90K(ARV) cash.

Re: Moving to the Dallas, TX area ?? (need help) - Posted by Greg V. (Dallas)

Posted by Greg V. (Dallas) on March 26, 2002 at 11:16:33:

Lee, Don?t let the size of Dallas scare you. I’m from a small town myself. I have been in Dallas now for 10 years and love it. It’s a great city, and there is plenty of opportunity for investing. The Dallas Metroplex has many sorrunding cities that are within 5 to 10 miles in any direction. Each has it’s opportunities. We have a great real-estate investment club called AIREO (see at We meet on the second Thur. of every month. I have only done one rehab myself, and I’m keeping it as a rental, so I’m fairly new to this myself. I’m currently getting ready to look for another one.
Email me if you have any questions. Good Luck!