Multi-Listing Service - Posted by Conor

Posted by Richard on July 26, 2007 at 24:36:15:

Typically, the MLS is operated by the local Board of Realtors, and membership is required to list properties. You must be duly licensed by the State to be a (regular) member. So yes, in this case an agent (or Broker) is the listor. Having said that, there certainly may be sites that call themselves a “Multiple Listing Service”, but that are not Board operated.

Multi-Listing Service - Posted by Conor

Posted by Conor on July 25, 2007 at 23:30:59:

Hello again,
I had a quick question involving MLS. Just because a property is being listed with a MLS and is on the web does not mean that a real estate agent is being used to help sell, correct? Thanks in advance for the help.

correct - Posted by Kristine-CA

Posted by Kristine-CA on July 26, 2007 at 20:41:51:

I am not an agent and I currently have a property listed on the mls. I
paid a flat fee service to an online brokerage firm that just does flat fee
listings. They don’t help me do anything–no marketing, no showings,
no paperwork-if you call the info in the listing you will be given my
phone number and you would then deal with me directly.

Since the MLS is a subscription/membership service available only to
agents, every listing will in some way be connected to an agent. It’s a
small percentage of MLS listings that are flat-fee, listing-only, with no
agent. Kristine

Re: Multi-Listing Service - Posted by Johnny

Posted by Johnny on July 26, 2007 at 05:54:48:

There are companies out there that will place your home on the MLS for you for a flat fee, something like $499. They will take pictures and fill out the MLS forms. In the listing, they will say to contact the owner at xxx-xxxx. In order to be placed on the MLS, they have to offer a co-operating broker something…like 2.5%

If you come across one of these properties by yourself, you can deal with the owner direct, and no Realtor is involved.