Multi-unit investing - Posted by James B

Posted by James B on May 17, 1999 at 11:03:06:

I am interested in buying and holding multi-unit buildings.
I am looking for a 4-6 unit to start, and then buy bigger multi-units after that (assuming I like the business, which I think I will).
Does anyone know of a good book I can buy or get at the library on this subject? Please give name of author and title.
Also, I want to make, and will only look at multi-unit buildings that make at least a net (after expenses and debt service) of 75$ per unit per month. Is this too greedy or about right for the effort that will be involved. My ultimate goal is to increase the # of buildings I own while at the same time decrease the # of hours that I work at my job, so that eventually I can quit my current job all together and just concentrate on the r.e.
James B