Multifamily building size - Posted by Rick

Posted by GL(ON) on September 19, 2004 at 17:02:06:

Who told you that and how much experience do they have.

I know a little mom and pop management company that do an excellent job. She is a CPA and he is a life long handyman. They will handle anything from a single house to a condo complex or hi rise apartment house.

There are good and bad management companies and the size doesnt tell you which is which. There are good small companies and lousy big companies. In fact the bigger they are the more likely you are to get lousy service.

Multifamily building size - Posted by Rick

Posted by Rick on September 16, 2004 at 18:28:58:

Someone once told me that to hire a decent management company for an apartment building, you need at least 100 units and about a $5 million building.

Does anybody have any experience on those numbers?